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“An extremely sensual form of Bachata” is the best way to describe a dance style known as Bachatango. This “Latin American” dance  originated from Dominica Republic, and has been heavily influenced by elements belonging to the “Argentine Tango”.  Sensual hip and body movements define the dance. Apparently, this dance form essentially has been created by fusing the “four step Bachata with the steps with the romantic Argentine Tango”. In addition, this dance style is neither performed by Bachata dancers in Dominica Republic nor, by tango dancers in Argentina. Furthermore, due to its growing popularity these days, this dance form is regularly performed at major “Bachata” competitions.

a. History/origin of the Bachatango:

It was around the year 2002, when Bachata music began to be played around the world via the radio that the Bachatango was first created. It was during this period that several dancers out of the sheer need to experiment began to fuse the “sensual” four step Bachata dance with elements belonging to the extremely “romantic” Argentine Tango. It was this unique fusion of “bachata and tango” that then eventually led to a creation of a dance style that was called “Bachatango”.

b. Costumes used in the Bachatango dance:

Since this dance style involves both males and females the costumes used will vary accordingly and they are as follows:

1. For women:

The attire worn includes a short multi-layered ruffle that at times also exposes the midriff of the performer to add to the sensuality that this dance style possesses.

2. For men:

The attire worn includes colourful deep V-neck shirts and pants to go along with it.

c. Music involved in the Bachatango dance:

The musical instruments mainly used in this style of dancing includes Requinto i.e. lead guitar, Segunda i.e. rhythm guitar, guitar, electric guitar, bongos, and güira i.e. a percussion instrument. In addition, the music produced for this dance style basically involves the use of lead guitar instrumentation which includes a few repeated broken chords.

d. Training availability and the technique involved in the Bachatango dance:

In terms of technique, the dancers (i.e. a male and female) arrange themselves in a “closed position” in which the female’s inside right thigh is in close contact with the inside right thigh of the male. In addition, this dance form also involves the use of delicate hand placements. Furthermore, it also involves extremely sensual hip and body movements. As for those interested in acquiring skills needed in Bachatango, there are many Latin dance studios available around the world that provide  training in this dance form. There are also workshops held at the Atlanta Bachata Festival and the Orlando Unity of Dance Festival that provide  training in this highly “sensual” dance style.

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Jose & May Bachatango at the Queenland Latin Open Professional Couples ASO 2013
Elegancia Dance Company BachaTango
Bachatango Basi Y Deisy
Perfidia – Bachatango – Enrico & Debora
Terry & Cecile Bachatango
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