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Best Dance Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Here is the list of the top dance studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. The list is in no particular order and been curated for dance students and aspirants looking for the best dance lessons in Charlotte, NC.

If you really looking for a place to weigh your anchor down and shake a leg at dance studio Charlotte, then you can certainly weigh your anchor down in Charlotte, North Carolina, also known as  “The Queen City”, “Crown Town” or “Buzz City”.

But if you wish to hang out in the city for a while and jazz up your moves then hop in to one of the best dance studios in Charlotte, North Carolina.

1. Millennium Dance Studio

Dance millennium is a premier dance studio where dance education is not just limited to the four walls of the studio. It began its journey in 2001 with a simple and traditional dance concept but later in 2005 transformed into 17+ years drop in format.

 The studio works with the mission to bring flexibility of dance concept that transcends any space or location. It offers dance, fitness and performance programs for children (4 +years), teen and adults in various disciplines.

Besides it also offers comprehensive dance program for school districts, bridal dance lessons for couples and wedding events and host interactive performances for corporate events.

The studio has a huge fan following from 52 countries and besides Charlotte has centers in Richmond-Virginia, Charleston-South Carolina, New York City, Atlanta-Georgia, Chicago-IL and Miami-Florida.

The kids dance program is totally instructional based with main focus to build a strong foundation in jazz, swing, tap and ballet.

The teens and adult dance programs is for recreational and professional purpose which offers them a selection of range of disciplines, techniques and styles and a broader training platform to figure out what suits them best.

2. Carolina Dance Capital

Swirl into the world of Carolina Dance Capital where the aim is to ”inspire, motivate and enrich”  students through the art of dance. The studio offers a dance platform for all the students from beginners to advanced levels.

The students here find creative ways of expressing themselves through dance pumping in extra energy and confidence.

The talented instructors here make you comfortable and help you develop your current skills, build new ones and encourage you to learn different dance styles.

The students fit into a flexible schedule according to their convenience either in morning, evening or night times.

The students receive their dance lessons in a state-of-the art facility among highly qualified instructors in a fun and friendly ambience.

The dance floors are safe, padded and the rooms have two way observation windows for better view.

Since the classes are small in size all the students receive equal attention.

The studio offers dance lessons in various disciplines like-

  • Ballet
  • Tap
  • Jazz
  • Hip Hop
  • Lyrical
  • Floor gymnastics
  • Cheer & tumble
  • Adult jazz
  • Adult Barre& conditioning
  • Adult tap

The studio hosts dance programs for competitions and summer camps for kids in lyrical jazz, Hip Hop and Ballet.

Charges are $ 65 for a 30 minutes class, $ 70 for a $45 minute class and $ 75 for 1 hour class.

Carolina hopes to build memories and friendships as long as you wish to learn the art of dance.

Rumba was first developed in the United States of America during the 1930s.Learn More.

3. Steps N Motion

Steps N Motion is Charlotte’s most unusual and creative dance studio celebrating 38 years of dance excellence. The studio invites students to grow as artists in an environment that fosters creativity, friendship, fun and fitness.

Here all the students receive equal respect, recognition and acceptance and students who achieve commendable skills can perform at professional levels.

With regular training under qualified instructors  students attain confidence, discipline, responsibility and appreciation for the art of dance.

The studio offers recreational, competitive, Steps to pro, Company and Summer camps for kids. The students here get to explore various genres of dance under different programs-

  • Ballet
  • Contemporary
  • Combination class
  • Dance preview
  • Hip Hop
  • Jazz
  • Musical theater-
  • Tap
  • Tumbling-

Students can enroll in monthly classes ranging from 30 minutes to 4 hours every week. Registration fees is $55 for single student and $80 for family.

4. Open Door Studio

Welcome to Open door Studios, a place where the art of dance is at the helm of creativity and where the motto is “Challenge, Move and inspire”.

Located at an upscale Plaza Midwood, Open Door Studio offers dance and fitness lessons for youths and adults, by a highly qualified and energetic faculty who help students reach their full potential.

At Open Door both youths and adults develop a healthy feeling for the art of dance and foster your creative streak and individual expression in leaps and bounds.

Here dance lessons are offered to toddlers through adults in Acrobatics, Ballet, Creative Movement, Jazz, Modern, Pointe and Street Dance.

Open door firmly believes that creative expression is just as important as balanced diet and they help you accomplish that in a fun-loving and non-intimidating environment.

Here you can opt for –

  • A drop in class for $ 16
  • 8 class package for $100
  • 20 class package for $ 200
  • Unlimited monthly classes for $ 135.

Welcome to The Dance District-a place where all your dancing dreams come true through a highly efficient Hip Hop dance training for local dancers to dance, perform and realize their dreams.

Here dancers of all levels, beginners to advanced are identified and trained with care and great respect. Under Choreographer and Director Ana Ogbueze.

The Dance District has earned the no.1 position in industry style Hip Hop style dance category.

She is the most sought after dancer, choreographer and creative director fiercely promoting the Charlotte dance community.

Each week they have fun Hip Hop sessions with in-house choreographers namely.

5. The Dance District

Welcome to The Dance District another historic dance studio in Charlotte.

A place where all your dancing dreams come true through a highly efficient Hip Hop dance training for local dancers to dance, perform and realize their dreams.

Here dancers of all levels, beginners to advanced are identified and trained
with care and great respect.

Under Choreographer and Director Ana Ogbueze, The Dance District has
earned the no.1 position in industry style Hip Hop style dance category.

She is the most sought after dancer, choreographer and creative director
fiercely promoting the Charlotte dance community.

Each week they have fun Hip Hop sessions with in house
choreographers namely-

  • Lady Hip Hop with Ana.
  • Pop Up Master class with Meechy
  • Beginner’s Hip Hop with Ana
  • Monet Movements with Tiffany
  • Advanced Hip Hop with Alex

The classes focus on the mental aspects of movements of Hip Hop Dance. You can sign in for a $10 drop-in class, 4 class package for $35 or unlimited monthly classes for $75.

6. Move Studio Charlotte

Discover the joy of movement at its state- of-the- art facility which spreads the art of dance among the students of the community coming from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The studio provides a safe haven for all the dancers, fitness instructors, students and artists to sharpen their skills.

The studio engages both the youth and the adults in classes, camps and workshops regardless of their abilities and gives them a unique platform to showcase their talents every year. Students from ages 18 months are enrolled here and trained in different dance styles like-

  • Acrobatics
  • Ballet
  • Creative movement
  • Hip Hop
  • Jazz
  • Ballroom Dance
  • Tap

The dance lessons not only maintains fitness in the students but also inculcates qualities like respect, courtesy, responsibility and confidence. Move Studio hosts private lessons, drop in classes and duet lessons for adult dance enthusiasts. The annual student showcase takes place every year in May.

Kids have an excitement galore in summer camps which hosts theme based games, crafts, music, stories to keep them busy.

7. Miss Donna’s School Of Dance

Feel fortunate to step into Miss Donna’s School of Dance serving the community since 1956.

One of the best places to fulfill your dancing dreams whether you’re a an amateur or a professional, Miss Donna’s studio offers you a range of dance genres to twist and twirl around.

Located in downtown Charlotte, Miss Donna’s studio offers you a wide variety of dance styles to learn from which include Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Lyrical, Hip Hop and Pointe.

The studio gives a wonderful opportunity for those who wish to learn recreational dance as well as those who wish to level up their dancing skills.

The studio is built over a sprawling 13000 sq feet area with secured privacy, floor safety and dressing rooms. It has 32 instructors and 10 assistants with experience and expertise.

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8. Rhythm Dance Studio

At Rhythm Dance studio students are greeted and encouraged to feel the rhythm under the spotlight of dance. Rhythm dance studio is committed to offer unsurpassed training in a variety of fine arts genres.

The instructors are highly qualified to train and motivate the students in a fun filled and caring atmosphere for the students to excel in flying colors in the genres they feel comfortable to learn.

The studio is open to learners of different skill levels from ages 3 onwards, training in pre-dance, Tap, Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical and Ballet.

Each dance curriculum is tailored according to the students’ abilities by the hard working and skilled instructors in the facility, who help the students to reach their true potential.

They also organize exclusive theme based summer camps like Princess, Hip Hop and Unicorn, Intensive camps with visiting training faculty from noted universities.

9. Dance Fever Charlotte

You would never regret dancing if it you were captured with Dance fever!

And one would definitely love to be a part of such an awesome studio with such a name to catch your attention!  Dance Fever Charlotte is a one of a kind studio where all the emotions, vibes and movements of dance fuse together to create an incredible journey with an enthusiastic group of trainers and students.

Dance Fever Charlotte is active in the dance training business since 2005 committed to teach dance in a fun and safe state-of-the art studio with all the amenities.

Dance Fever teaches dance to students of all age groups from toddlers to high school students including adults.

Each dance lesson stretches as long as 60 minutes compared to the standard sessions at other studios where sessions last hardly for 30 to 45 minutes.

Dance Fever specializes in teaching Ballet, Hip Hop, Tap, Jazz and Acrobatics by certified and courteous instructors who train students with care and precision.

Each year students can perform in competitions through Dance Fever Charlotte Company in various dance styles.

Charges for each class is $55/hour( 1 hour per week) to $140/hour(3.5 hours and up per week).

10. Fuzion Force

Dance is a force to reckon with and at Fuzion Force the dancers make it happen under the steely supervision and commitment of classified instructors.

Who help you achieve your dancing dreams among other dance studio in Charlotte.

The students her learn to dance with flawless ease and grace oozing with energy and confidence. Fuzion Force trains the students in the following categories-

  • Hip Hop
  • Jazz Fusion
  • Tap
  • Stepinn
  • Technique
  • Modeling
  • Freestyle
  • Cheer dance
  • Industry class
  • Tumble

Adult classes are held in categories-Zumba, Kung Fu, Detroit Ballroom, Adult Hip Hop and Chicago Steppin. Students get a chance to participate in the yearly dance competitions like Showstopper, Starsystems, Starpower and Nationals.

While you go tripping and exploring the splendors of this magnificent city enrolling in one of these best dance studios in Charlotte, North Carolina will only make you skip a beat and enjoy life.

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