BINASUAN DANCE – PHILIPPINES: Dancing With Wine Glasses In Hand

What is binasuan dance?

Binasuan is a Filipino dance style which literally means “With the use of drinking glasses”. This “folk” dance is said to have originated from the island of Luzon located in the Philippines. This dance style is mainly performed during festive occasions such as a marriage. Furthermore, in this dance style performers hold full wine glasses in their hands while dancing.

Where did binasuan originated?

Binasuan is a traditional Filipino folk dance that originated in Pangasinan, a province located in the northern region of the Philippines. The dance involves dancers balancing three glasses or cups filled with rice wine in each hand while performing intricate steps and turns. The name “binasuan” comes from the Pangasinan term “baso,” which means “glass” in English. Today, the binasuan dance is a popular performance in cultural festivals and celebrations throughout the Philippines.

What type of folk dance is binasuan?

Binasuan is a traditional folk dance from the Philippines. It is classified as a “glass dance” because the dancers balance three glasses or cups filled with rice wine in each hand while performing intricate footwork and graceful movements. The dance is typically performed at celebratory events and festivals, and it is known for its colorful costumes, lively music, and impressive display of skill and coordination by the dancers. Overall, binasuan is a popular and important part of Filipino cultural heritage.

Costumes used in the Binasuan Dance:

The traditional “Balintawak” costume is used by the performers in this dance form.

Music involved in the Binasuan Dance:

The musical instrument mainly used in this dance form is the Pitoy Oras.

Training availability and the technique involved in the Binasuan Dance:

In terms of “technique”, the performers in this dance rotate their arms over and under the shoulder in order to keep their palms facing upwards. In addition, while dancing the performers have to hold wine filled glasses in both hands. Furthermore, in this dance the performer has to ensure that the wine does not spill over during a performance. As for training centers/schools, there are none available around the world since this Filipino “folk” dance is mainly performed in Philippines.

Binusuan Dance Videos:

Binasuan Dance YouTube :

BINASUAN Folk Dance at Paco Park

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