Check Out the Best Dance Studios in Denver, Colorado, USA

Children from Denver Indian Center perform traditional dances

Children from Denver Indian Center perform traditional dances for Team Buckley

If you ever go trippin in the US you might get easily get swayed and swooned by the glare and glamor of New York and Los Angeles. You can also keep glued to the best dance studios in the Denver city.

Welcome to the Mile High city which keeps you on a high with its scenic nature trails and a thriving arts and culture scene at the heart of the city.

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Denver has a smorgasbord of activities to keep you tied up. But of you feel like you want to explore this interesting city a bit more then check out some of the best dance studios in Denver, Colorado-

Between The Bones

Welcome to Between the Bones, a one of a kind studio where people learn to evolve through artistic expression.

As unusual as it sounds, Between the Bones is a place where students are trained by talented mentors to explore and practice diverse dance movements to realize their artistic freedom.

Here you find a dynamic class schedule for every student identifying their interests from beginner to professional levels.

The instructors here have the expertise in healing and enhancing the body, heart and mind through rigorous practice of Ballet, Yoga, Creative Movement and Contemporary modern, Tap.

The studio also has a dance theatre production under ensemble which is a mélange of fun filled dance choreography, high fashion and grand storytelling.

It also has a special class called Bounce kids/teen/adult which uses flawless shifting of one form to another form of Ballet, Yoga or Contemporary.

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Cherry creek Dance

Step into the world of Cherry Creek Dance where the students, teachers and the top dancers create an instant chemistry through dance.

At Cherry Creek Dance students receive a world class service which helps every dancer to create their own niche and receive quality instruction which is worth every penny.

The sole mission of this studio is to create a family-friendly atmosphere where students of every age and capacity come together to find their genuine passion for dance.

It helps build their self-esteem and gives them an opportunity to participate in the community events. Cherry Creek Dance teaches its students proper conduct and appreciation for dance. It also inculcates in the students the feeling of camaraderie among fellow dancers and faculty members.

Some of the classes offered here are in genres Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Combo, Lyrical, Tap, and Break Dance, Tiny tot, Musical Theatre, Tumbling, Cheers & Poms, Strength, Flex, Leaps and turns.


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Leap Dance Studio

Step into the magnificent world of Leap Dance Studio. Here children learn to leap, skip and hop under its qualified instructors. Students are trained to use their imagination while learning the different terminology and techniques of dance.

Here the students undergo thorough training before they are ready to launch themselves at professional levels. The students here are trained in the following dance genres-

  • Creative movement-

This is an exclusive ballet class meant for students between 3 to 4 years old where they learn various ballet postures and their French terminology. Children also learn the concept of rhythm and coordination.

  • Boys Creative Movement-

This is a ballet class meant for boys aged between 3 to 5 years old where they learn the ballet positions, their French terminology and rhythm and coordination.

  • Ballet/Tap Combo I and Combo II-

Ballet and Tap combo I and II is a great combination of disciplines for kids aged between 6 to 8 years old. This class allows students to learn the structure and form of ballet supplemented with spontaneity of tap dance.

  • Ballet/ Tap Combo III

This class is for students who are between ages 8 to 11 and are serious about Ballet and Tap. Students learn complete set the art of Ballet barre and the accompanying set of exercises like adagio, petit allegro, stretching and multi-step.

  • Tap IV and V-

This class is meant for students who want to reach the next level of Tap where students learn intricate steps, complex rhythms, multi-steps and work across the center of the room in small and large movements.

Students can pay a yearly registration fees for each class. They also get 10% discount for multiple classes.



Are you looking for a place where your kids can learn new dance moves and or you want to sharpen your dancing skills?

Look no further as at Dance2B the students can learn new dance techniques in a jiffy all under the guidance of its certified instructors.

At Dance2B the instructors realize the sheer pleasure that moving the bodies to rhythm brings.

Here the studio provides a unique platform for dancers of all levels, interests and capabilities every week.

The students are trained in a carefree environment where they effortlessly adapt themselves to the process of artistic discovery and self-expression.

The studio provides a variety of lively dance classes for all levels and is dedicated to lift up the spirits of people of its community.

Dance2B has many fun and innovative ways to learn the art of dance for amateur artists which include-

  • Dancer’s stretch
  • CIZE Hip Hop fit.
  • Groov3
  • Ballet 101
  • Jazz 101
  • Basic ballet
  • Tap basics
  • Prevenge body

For a seasoned dancer intermediate/advanced classes are offered in Jazz, Tap, Modern, Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop,swing dance and Stage performance. Watch the students in spontaneous dance moves having an out of body experience with just one mission in mind-“learn-move-live.”

The studio also hosts workshops for stretching, moving, toning and conditioning every muscle of the body.

rhumba by couple

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Dancing Dreams

If you love to dance you don’t need to be too hard on yourselves and at Dancing Dreams the team of efficient instructors take care of that. Dancing Dreams offers you a family friendly and non-competitive atmosphere which sets it apart from other sundry dance studios.

The brilliant team of instructors here applies multi-sensory techniques of dancing for students to pursue the art of dance in a comfortable and fun loving atmosphere.

Dancing Dreams allows its students to bloom to full potential and believe that dance is a wonderful medium to boost self-esteem, confidence and express emotions. Dancing Dreams is more than just a studio, it invites students of all levels, ages and abilities. The instructors strive to have open communication with the students to help them accomplish their goals.

The students are trained in the following dance genres-

  • Hip Hop
  • Jazz
  • Tango
  • Ballet
  • Lyrical/Contemporary

Premier Academy Of Dance-

Welcome to Premier Academy of Dance, a one of a kind dance studio that fulfills all your dancing goals. Whether you’re looking for fun, fitness or a competitive dancing career, Premier Dance Academy offers you the launch pad to showcase your dancing skills. The Director of Premier Michelle is well versed in many dancing styles like Jazz, Lyrical, Tap and Ballet.

Michelle holds a bag of experiences which came in handy throughout her dancing career.

From performing in high school pom team, Carnival Cruise Lines, to Disneyland and California Adventure Park, Michelle has been there and done that. Premier Dance Academy is in a league of its own. It conducts its annual spring recital performed by its Emerald performance team and Company team.

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Millennium Dance Complex Denver-

Good news for all the millennial who’re looking to groove into some dance and music. Step into the word of Millennial Dance Complex, a dance studio to sync into some fabulous vibes.

MDCD is noted to be the best Hip Hop dance studio in Denver city offering classes for kids, adults and pre professional industry dancers.

The students here are exposed to some of the best techniques and styles under the expertise of the dynamic and experienced instructors in a relaxed and fun filled atmosphere.

Millennial provides its students with an optimum dance experience by learning from the extensive pool of techniques offered by the top industry professionals.

MDCD offers Master class, Intensive and Kids Rec program for all levels.

Owners of MDCD Robert Baker and Ann Marie Hudson are committed to maintaining an uplifting, supportive and motivating environment to experience the magical transformation through dance.

Stage Image Dance

Come and discover your passion for dance at Stage Image Dance studio, a unique platform which thrives on aestheticism and artistry. As the name suggests Stage image has a vibrant and long record in the students’ image building process. Here at Stage Image the instructors are totally committed to train students to express their individuality and shine in performing arts profession.

In this dance studios of Denver students come here to explore a carefree environment and discover a new sense of well-being, confidence and creativity through the artistry of dance.

Stage Image Dance is one big family of dance lovers working selflessly to transform communities in and around the city of Denver.

Students enrolled here are exposed to a dynamic curriculum of dance program based on their skills and interests.

The dance lessons at Stage Image is divided into following categories-

  • Little’s- 3 to 6 years
  • Junior’s- 5 to 10 years
  • Boys-All ages
  • Tweens and Seniors- 10+ years
  • Adults-Drop in classes
  • Project stage-It gives student an opportunity to express their talent beyond the class.

Students come here and click a natural chemistry with the hard working trainers to make memories learning the fine techniques of different dance styles like Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop and contribute to the excellence in dance and education. Even though students are placed according to age groups they can level up based on their skills and character.

Move By Morelli

Move By Morelli is a juncture where music and dance come together making history. The studio with its 11 dance and 6 music instructors is all to create an electrifying session of 250,000 performing arts hours. Among a brilliant team of instructors the students get all the attention and are completely devoted to inspire the next generation.

The students can discover their love for dance in a high energy environment and the qualified instructors encourage them to bring out the best potential.

Besides the studio has state of the art facility spread over an area of 9000 square feet- a large lobby, two dressing rooms, 5 studios and a special dance area and TVs to keep the parents engaged.

Students are trained in different dance genres like Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, Musical Theater, and Contemporary. Students as young as 20 months to 2 years are trained to learn fine motor skills, balance, poise and the fundamentals of Ballet, Jazz and Tap with upbeat music.

The studio also organizes specialty classes for cheer leaders, Vinyasa yoga, Heels dancing, extra vocal, acting and musical theater classes for theatre students. You can sign up for each 30 minute monthly class for $ 65 or unlimited class for $ 340.

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Welcome to Denver’s premier dance studio Centerstage starz where students can discover a whole new passion for dance. Here students of all ages and skill levels are invited to spring some action and energy learning a variety of dance genres like jazz, lyrical, ballet, pointe, tap, hip hop, break dance, turns and progressions.

Center Stage Starz competitive touring Dance Company has many awards and recognitions to its credit outside its two annual studio performances.

The studio boasts of a regional and national award winning team of 70 dancers between ages 5 to 18 who showcase their talents in community outreach programs, competitions, fundraisers, banquets and assisted living facilities.

All the classes organized by the studio are based on skills. Beginners can start training from level 1.

Once they meet the specific requirements they can move to the next level with instructors’ approval.

Students can also enroll in special voice and theatre classes to learn tongue twisters, pitching of voice and breathing techniques which adds to their confidence on stage performances.

Students can sign up with an annual registration fees of $35 per student or $80 per family or a drop in class of $20.

Denver, Colorado is truly a milestone to remember, but while you take a stroll at the Denver zoo and appreciate the eye popping exhibits at the Denver art museum, it’s always a good idea to shake a leg in one of the best dance studios in Denver, Colorado.

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