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Do You Know What Binasuan Dance Is?

Binasuan is a dance form and is a significant art in the Philippines culture. Now, the question that might pop up in your mind is, what does Binasuan really entail? So, to answer this question here is presenting an analysis explaining all the essential facts that you need to know about this dance style.

What is Binasuan dance? 

‘Folk’ is the category under which this graceful dancing style falls. It basically involves the use of wine glasses, and is performed by both men and women. As the dancers perform balancing acts, they are positioned on top of their heads and each hand. In order to prevent spills, the arms are rotated over and under the shoulder while keeping the palms facing up. Furthermore, the music accompanying this dance is played in ‘three quarter time’. In addition, the  performer in this dance attempts to balance a full wine glass while moving his/her hands.

Where did Binasuan originate?

‘Pangasinan’ is a province in the Philippines where ‘Binasuan’ (which means ‘with the use of drinking glasses’ when literally translated) first originated. It is mainly performed during festive occasions such as marriage.

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Costumes used in Binasuan dance:

‘Balintawak’ is a traditional Filipino costume  used in this folk dance. It includes a shortened skirt, with puffy butterfly short sleeves, plaid textile, low cut bodice, and at times plenty of ornate embroideries.

Binasuan dance basic steps; What are they?

“Waltz like’ is the best way to describe the steps used in this folk dance. They are as follows:

1. The performer initially steps out towards the side of his/her right feet.

2. Then, he needs to bring his left foot in close contact with his right foot.

3. The right foot needs to be tapped.

4. Before finally, the sequence of three steps needs to be repeated.

In addition, while performing  these basic three steps the dancer must balance a glass filled with wine placed on the head.

Binasuan Folk Dance Youtube Video:

If you intend now to watch a ‘Binasuan’ performance after having read vital information about this dance provided above, here is presenting a Youtube Video:

It can therefore be concluded, that this Filipino folk dance requires a lot of ‘skill and grace’.

Image Credits: Hanscom and Hanscom

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