Performed by “a male and female” is a dance style originating from East Asia known as Er Ren Zhuan. This “folk dance” is said to have originated from the northeast of China. Apart from singing this dance also involves the use of humorous dialogues. Furthermore, this dance has rapidly gained popularity throughout the country due to influence of television. In addition, it was soon after the formation of the People’s Republic of China that the government began supporting this dance style by providing training centres for beginners as well as for experienced artists.

a. History/origin of the Er Ren Zhuan:

Historically speaking, it is said that this dance style was developed in the Shandong and Hebei province in China using Yangko as a template. Furthermore, it was during the reign of the Qing dynasty that a rise in migration into the northeast of China from other provinces was seen. It was thus the influx of people belonging to the Shandong and Hebei province into the northeast of the country that, eventually led to the induction of this dance style in the culture of this region.

b. Costumes used in the Er Ren Zhuan:

This dance style mainly involves the use of red square handkerchiefs or folded fans as part of the costume. In addition, the performers also use colourful long traditional Chinese robes.

c. Music involved in the Er Ren Zhuan:

In terms music, the performers essentially sing a song while dancing.

d. Training availability and technique involved in the Er Ren Zhuan:

In terms of technique, this dance essentially involves the performer “singing and dancing” while at the same time twirling red square handkerchiefs or folded fans. In addition, this dance style also includes popular routines such as “fowling”, “selling thread”,  “ancient city”, “Chanyu  temple” etc. As for training availability, there are many training centres available in China for all those interested in acquiring knowledge about this unique East Asian “folk” dance.

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