Considered to be “extremely elegant and romantic” is a Eurasian dance style known as Kartuli. This “courtship” dance is said to have originated from Georgia, and is performed by both males as well as females. Furthermore, this dance comprises of five distinct movements that the dancer needs to perform. In addition, the performer needs to possess a high degree skill level to perform this dance. This style of dancing basically expresses the “chivalry” that exists between a Georgian male and female.

A. History/origin of the Kartuli:

According to the cultural history of Georgia, there exists a healthy dose of chivalry between men and female. It was therefore with the intention to provide for an outlet to express this age old “chivalry” existing between men and women in the country, that this dance style was first developed.

B. Costumes used in the Kartuli:

The costumes worn in this dance style will vary depending on the gender as follows:

1. For males:

The attire worn will include a black long robe, a pair of boots, and a prop in the form of a sword tied around the waist.

2. For females:

The attire worn will include a white gown and a form of a headgear.

C. Music involved in the Kartuli:

The musical instrument mainly used in this dance style includes the bagpie, a type of flute known locally as “panduri”, changi i.e. a form of harp, and drums.

D. Training availability and technique used in the Kartuli:

In terms of technique, this dance form consists of five essential movements. They are as follows:

  1. Movement No 1: The male performer initially invites his female counterpart to dance along on the floor.
  2. Movement No 2: The male and the female performer dance in unison.
  3. Movement No 3: The male performer then dances solo.
  4. Movement No 4: The female performer then follows the male counterpart, and dances solo.
  5. Movement No 5: The dance then concludes with the male and female once again dancing together.

In addition, in this dance the male performer must avoid any kind of physical contact with his female partner. As for training centers/schools, there are none available around the world since this “courtship” dance is mainly performed in Georgia.

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