Created in a mountainous region known as “Kazbegi” is a Eurasian dance form known as Kazbeguri. This “powerful” dance is said to have originated from the north part of Georgia. Furthermore, this dance is mainly performed by males. In addition, this form of dancing has been created to showcase the “toughness and the endurance level” that people living in the mountain region possess.

A. History/origin of the Kazbeguri:

According to the cultural history of Georgia, this dance was first created up north of the country in an area called “Kazbegi”. Furthermore, the intention behind its creation was to highlight the “physical toughness and endurance level” of the people belonging to this mountainous region.

B. Costumes used in the Kazbeguri:

The costume worn by the performers (mainly male) include a long black coloured shirt, black trousers, a pair of black boots, and black headgear i.e. a form of a cap.

C. Music involved in the Kazbeguri:

The musical instrument mainly used in this dance style includes the bagpie, a type of flute known locally as “panduri”, changi i.e. a form of harp, and drums.

D. Training availability and technique involved in the Kazbeguri:

In terms of technique, this dance involves the use of vigorous body and feet movements. Furthermore, it also involves the use of feet stomping. As for training centers/schools, there are none available around the world since this “powerful” dance is mainly performed in Georgia.

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