“Based upon the concept of competition” is a Eurasian dance form known as Khanjluri. This “folk” dance is said to have originated from Georgia, and is commonly referred to as “Highland Shepherds Competition”. Furthermore, performing this dance form requires great skills, and hence the performer is expected to rehearse it a lot.

A. History/origin of the Khanjluri:

“Excellence” is what the people of Georgia strive for, and hence it can be observed that many dance forms (including Khanjluri) have been created using the concept of “competition” as a template.

B. Costumes used in the Khanjluri:

The costumes used by the performers (mainly males) include a traditional shepherds dress known as “red chokhas” as well as a prop in the form of a pair of daggers.

C. Music involved in the Khanjluri:

The musical instrument mainly used in this dance style includes the bagpie, a type of flute known locally as “panduri”, changi i.e. a form of harp, and drums.

D. Training availability and the technique involved in the Khanjluri:

In terms of technique, this dance involves performers competing with each other while using a pair of daggers. Furthermore, the performers arrange themselves around a circle to dance, with one performer replacing the other during the performance. As for training centers/schools there are none available around the world since this “folk” dance is mainly performed in Georgia.

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