Representing values such as “love, courage, and respect for women” is a Eurasian dance style known as Khevsuruli. This “energetic” dance style is supposed to have originated from the mountainous region in Georgia. Furthermore, this dance is extremely technical in nature, and requires the performer to undergo rigorous training to develop the appropriate skill required. In addition, this dance is essentially based on a battle between two men and their supporters.

A. History of the Khevsuruli:

In Georgia there is a region known as “Khevsureti” belonging to a community known as Khevsur. Now a blood feud was considered to be an extremely common phenomenon in this area. As a matter of fact, duels were considered to be way of resolving major issues in this region. Thus, this dance was created to honour this deep rooted tradition of blood feuds that has existed for centuries in this land belonging to Khevsurs community. In addition, right until about the 1920’s “murder” was an extremely popular form of crime for many people living in this land.

B. Costumes used in the Khevsuruli:

The costumes worn by the performers vary according to the gender as follows:

1. For males:

The attire worn includes a long coat, a pyjama/trouser, a pair of shoes, a cap and props that include a shield and a sword.

2. For females:

The attire worn includes a long dress, a skirt, a pair of shoes, and a headgear i.e. a form of a veil.

C. Music involved in the Khevsuruli:

The musical instrument mainly used in this dance style includes the bagpie, a type of flute known locally as “panduri”, changi i.e. a form of harp, and drums.

D. Training availability and technique involved in the Khevsuruli:

In terms of technique, this dance basically involves the performer using a sword and a shield. Furthermore, this dance basically comprises of two men along with their supporters battling each other with swords. In addition, the female performer then throws her veil in between the battle being fought between two male performers thus, signaling the end of this dance. However, as soon as the female performer leaves the dance arena the male performer resume the mock battle and continue the dance with more verve. As for training centers/schools, there are none available around the world since this “energetic” dance is mainly performed in Georgia.

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