Kizomba is yet another African dance form that has evolved from a musical genre. This “sensuous” dance style is said to have originated in Angola located in southern Africa. Apparently, this dance style evolved in the country during the 1990’s when a musical genre known as “Kizomba” gradually became extremely popular with the people. Furthermore, the music accompanying this dance is renowned for possessing a rather “slow and extremely sensuous” rhythm. In addition, this dance involves seductive “hip movements”. Let’s dive deep into the famous Kizomba Dancing.

a. History/origin of the Kizomba Dancing:

During the 1950’s a dance style known as “Semba” was extremely popular in Angola. It was then in the late 1970’s that a sensuous musical genre called “Kizomba” was created in Angola. Furthermore, it was during the 1990’s that this musical genre gained popularity throughout the country. It was thus in response to the growing popularity of Kizomba as a musical genre, that the dance moves used in the “Semba” were modified. It was these modifications made to the Semba that led to the creation of the Kizomba dance style.

b. Costumes involved in the Kizomba:

The costume worn varies according to whether the performer is a male or female as follows:

1. For men:

The costume worn includes a shirt/T-shirt, a jeans, and pair of casual shoes.

2. For women:

The costume worn includes jeans, a top that exposes the back and may even reveal the naval area, and pair of high heel shoes.

c. Music involved in the Kizomba Dancing:

The music used in this dance form itself is known as Kizomba which comprises of an extremely sensuous and romantic rhythm. In addition, the seductive music used in this dance is accompanied by a song which is mainly written in the Portuguese language.

d. Training availability and the technique involved in the Kizomba:

In terms of technique, Kizomba dancing involves two performers (i.e. partner dance) holding each other, and swaying to the sensuous rhythm of the accompanying music. Furthermore, it is the seductive movement of the hips in unison to the beats of the slow rhythmic music that adds “sensuality” to this dance. As for training centres/schools, there are a few available around the world for all those interested in learning this extremely “sensual” dance form that has originated from Angola.

Learn Kizomba Dancing step by step from this tutorial. Happy Dancing!

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  1. The article discusses the history, culture, and dance of the Kizomba. The dance originated in Angola, but is now performed in many countries across Africa. The article describes how to do the steps in the dance. It also describes what role the man and woman take in the dance.

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