Kpanlogo is a west African dance known for being ‘sexually suggestive. This extremely sexual dance style of dancing is said to have originated from Accra, the most populated as well as the capital city of Ghana. Apparently, this dance style was developed (like several other African dances) from a musical genre that was created by a community belonging to Ghana called “Ga-Adangbe”. Furthermore, the music used for this dance style basically comprises of ancient drumming traditions belonging to the “Ga” community such as the gome, oge, and kolomashie.

a.  The Meaning of Kpanlogo dance

The Kpanlogo dance is a lively and rhythmic recreational dance form originating from the Ga people of Ghana, West Africa. It is named after the Kpanlogo drum, the primary musical instrument used in the dance. The dance features call-and-response singing and is accompanied by drums, bells, and rattles. It is commonly performed at social gatherings such as weddings, funerals, and festivals and has gained popularity beyond Ghana’s borders.

Beyond its entertainment value, the Kpanlogo dance holds cultural and social significance for the Ga people. It is an expression and celebration of their cultural identity, history, and values, and serves to foster a sense of community and belonging among participants.

b. History and origin of the Kpanlogo Dance:

It was during the 1960’s, that a musical genre called “Kpanlogo” was first developed by a community called “Ga-Adangbe” residing in and around the city of Accra in Ghana. Furthermore, it was in response to the growing popularity of this musical genre amongst the youth belonging to the “Ga” community, that this extremely creative dance form was then created. It is also said that this style of dancing was developed using “American rock and roll” as the template.

c. Use Of Kpanlogo Dance In Accra

The Kpanlogo dance is a traditional dance of the Ga people from Accra, Ghana. It was historically used as a form of communication and social commentary during festivals and other social events. Today, it is a popular form of entertainment and is often performed at cultural events to promote and preserve the traditional dance and music of the Ga people. It has also been incorporated into contemporary music genres and has become a symbol of Ghanaian identity.

d. Costumes used in the Kpanlogo Dance:

There is no particular costume worn by the performers in this dance style.

e. Music involved in the Kpanlogo Dance:

“Traditional Ga-Adangbe music” is essentially used for this style of dancing. So the musical instruments involved would include nono i.e. a metal bell, fao i.e. a gourd rattle, and kpanlogo drums.

f. Training availability and the technique involved:

In terms of technique, Kpanlogo dance involves the use of swinging arms, rapid movements of the torso, and extremely quick and attractive footwork. In addition, this dance also involves a step that basically represents the “pulling of the fishing net”, which is apparently the main occupation of the “Ga” community.  Furthermore, this dance also possesses undercurrents of sexual overtones. As for training centres/schools, there are none available around the world since this ‘sensual’ dance style is mainly performed by the “Ga-Adangbe” community in Ghana.

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e. Some of the Best Kpanlogo Dance Videos:

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