Performed mainly during “marriages and funerals” is an Eastern African dance form known as Ohangla. This dance belonging to a community called “Luo” is said to have originated from Kenya. In addition, this dance comprises of music possessing a fast tempo. Furthermore, the music used in this dance is accompanied by a song that possesses vulgar lyrics. This African dance (like several others) involves the use of “pronounced hip movements”.

a. History and origin of the Ohangla Dance:

This dance form was first created by a community called “Luo” belonging to Kenya in Eastern Africa, basically to be performed during events such as marriages and funerals. However, over the years this dance has also been performed for general entertainment purposes. Furthermore, nowadays this dance apart from the Luo community is also performed by other tribes such as the “Kikuyu”. In addition, several foreign tourists also love to perform this dance, and frequently visit nightclubs providing for Ohangla music.

b. Costumes used in the Ohangla Dance:

There is no particular costume worn by the performers while performing this dance form.

c. Music involved in the Ohangla Dance:

The musical instruments used to produce music for this dance includes a set of eight drums, a cylindrical shoulder drum, flute, and Nyattiti or kinanda. In addition, the music is accompanied by songs which possess vulgar lyrics.

d. Training availability and technique involved in the Ohangla Dance:

In terms of technique, the performer in this dance vigorously moves the hips in complete harmony with the fast tempo music generally used. In addition, the lyrics used in the song accompanying the music are basically vulgar, and is meant mainly for adults. As for training centres/schools, there are none available around the world since this “celebratory” dance is performed mainly in Kenya in East Africa.

e. Some Ohangla Dance videos:


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