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Created mainly by “women” is a European dance form known as Pizzica. This “folk” dance is said to have originated from Salento region located in Southern Italy. Apparently, this dance gradually gained popularity within the country especially in regions such as Calabria and eastern Basilicata. Furthermore, this dance is basically performed by couple i.e. a male and female. In addition, this dance is mainly performed during festive occasions like village festivals.

a. History/origin of Pizzica Dance:

It was during the Middle Age that there existed a myth in the Italian culture according to which a poisonous spider known as “Tarantula” was supposed to have been responsible for making women extremely unhappy. It was therefore apparently to get rid of the unhappiness affecting the female sex caused by the “spider poison” that this dance style was eventually created.

b. Costumes used in the Pizzica Dance:

The costume used in this dance form varies according to the gender, and they are as follows:

1. For men:

The attire worn includes a white full sleeve shirt, an overcoat, a black trouser, a pair of white stockings, and a pair of shoes.

2. For women:

The attire worn includes a white full sleeves shirt, an overcoat, a red flowing skirt, a pair of white stockings, and a pair of shoes.

c. Music involved in the Pizzica Dance:

The musical instruments mainly used in this dance style mainly include the tambourines, guitars, violins, flutes, mandolins, and accordions.

d. Training availability and the technique involved in the Pizzica Dance:

In terms of technique, this dance involves the performer clapping hands and stomping the feet in rhythm to the accompanying music. As for training centers/schools, there are none available around the world since this “ritualistic” folk dance has over the years mainly been performed in Italy.

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