Created and developed by a South American vocal group known as “Tequileiras De Funk” is a dance style known as Surra De Bunda. This “female” group dance is said to have originated from the state of Sao Paulo located in Brazil. Apparently, the Portuguese word “Surra De Bunda” when translated literally means “punishment by ass”.  Furthermore, this dance is not only popular within the country but as of 2010 has also fast gained popularity internationally as well.

History/origin of the Surra De Bunda:

Apparently this rather “sensual” dance was supposed to have been created in the state of Sao Paolo in Brazil by an all female vocal group known as “Tequileiras De Funk”.

Costumes used in the Surra De Bunda:

Sensual costumes such as a bikini or tight pants are mainly used in this extremely “sexual” dance style.

Music involved in the Surra De Bunda:

The music used in this dance is a style known as “Funk Carioca”, which was developed in the slums in the state of Rio De Janerio. Furthermore, the musical instruments involved include the drum machine, turntable, sampler, and synthesizers. In addition, the Funk Carioca also involves the use of vocals.

Training availability and technique involved in the Surra De Bunda:

In terms of technique, this dance involves the use of three key essential features namely speed, precision, and strength. Furthermore, the female performer in this dance approaches a male member in the audience and rests her feet on his shoulder, and then places her hands on the floor. In addition, the performer also places her buttocks on the man’s face. As for training centers/schools, there are none available around the world since this extremely “seductive” dance is mainly performed in Brazil.

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