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Best Dance Studios in Seattle, Washington, USA

Here is the list of the top dance studios in Seattle, Washington. The list is in no particular order and been curated for dance students and aspirants looking for the best dance lessons in Seattle, WA.

Besides dance studios, Seattle has some other pick up names to its credit like the Gateway to Alaska, the Rain city (because it receives an average 38 inches of rainfall, more than some of the major US cities), The Jet City ( because of its association with Boeing).

And not to forget it is home to two main international corporate giants Amazon and Microsoft.

But before you get sleepless in Seattle getting glued to all the exciting destinations it has to offer, treat yourself to the eclectic vibes of some of the best dance studios in Seattle, Washington-

1. Moving Minds Dance Studio

Welcome toMoving Minds Dance Studio a unique project led by Ciara McCormack Greenwalt, that nurtures creative thought and infinite curiosity through performance and discussion.

Under the leadership of Ciara McCormack children get used to the contagious enthusiasm for dance.

Even though the classes want to train students to perform as a professional dancer its main focus is to turn them into wonderful human beings who are assured of their strength, intelligence, confidence, grace and kindness.

Moving Minds seriously believes that all things can be achieved through dance.

Classes are offered at Youngstown Community center and Seattle Community center. Here different programs are held under following categories-

  • Dance Together( 18 months to 3 years age)
  • Playful dance( ages 3 to 4)
  • Creative ballet (ages 5 to 6)
  • Break tots (ages 3 to 5)
  • Formative breakdance ( ages 6 to 9)
  • Formative ballet ( ages 7 to 9)
  • Formative modern ( ages 7 to 9)

Registration fees for 9 week Spring session ranges from $122 (for Dance together, Playful dance, Creative Ballet, Break tots) to $140 (Formative breakdance, Ballet & Modern.

Registration fees for 6 week winter session ranges from $86.5 to $ 96. While each drop in class costs from $15 to $17.

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2. All That Dance

Another well known dance studios in Seattle is this dance studio.

When you step into All That Dance you know this is where your dance dreams will realize.

Here toddlers learn to wiggle and jiggle with their tippy toes, teens wear their bold creative flair and adults find back their dancing passion.

All That dance provides an outstanding platform for all its students based on positive learning environment with focus on fun, creativity, social development and brain development.

Students of all ages are free to enroll at All That Dance and are allowed to progress at their own pace.

If you want to know which dance style suits you the best get detailed descriptions of the classes taken here-

  • Parent tot

This is the perfect way for adults to get your tiny tots get familiar with dance. Kids are playfully engaged with nursery rhymes. They stretch and skip with the music and move around with props, like scarves, umbrella and musical instruments. Recommended for kids between 18 months to 6 years of age.

  • Creative Ballet

Here kids are introduced with the slender and delicate Ballet moves which demands cross lateral and contra lateral body movement that stimulates brain development. This helps develop social skills and self-esteem.

  • Ballet-

Strength, flexibility, balance and grace are the main goals of this class.

  • Pointe-

This class is meant for advanced Ballet dancers and involves complex footwork with beauty and grace.

  • Tap-

This is a high energy dance to develop rhythm, coordination and control and expression through intense footwork.

Other contemporary dance styles include modern, Hip Hop and Jazz.

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3. West Lake Dance Center

Here is a dance studio that transcends the borders of art and strives for personal and community growth. West Lake dance studio is committed to offer a kaleidoscope of dance genres to its students in styles like jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet and Lyrical.

Classes are conducted for students from beginners to advanced levels to perform in a courteous and friendly atmosphere till they accomplish their full potential.

Here minimum age for enrollment is 12 years. West lake dance has something for every dancer. Whether you’re seeking a funky and upbeat style or a classical and articulate style West Lake has it all.

Each of its talented instructors bring something new onboard to foster creativity to give you a hilt of their talent. The students here are trained in the following dance styles-

  • Hip Hop
  • Jazz
  • Contemporary
  • Lyrical
  • Ballet
  • Tap
  • Yoga
  • Progression
  • Waacking

West Lake dance center is the ultimate spot for all the dance freaks to fulfill their dreams. The studio is committed to build a fun loving and dynamic space for dancers of all ages. It gives immense pleasure to acknowledge that many of its professional dancers accompany famous artists like Justin Timberlake, Pharell Williams, Ricky Martin and Beyonce in concert tours.

4. Exit Space School OF Dance

Exit Space is a unique dance studio where dance, technique and community blend well in an extremely secure environment. The students are trained here by certified instructors in a spontaneous and carefree environment where they learn the A to Z of all dance genres.

The faculty here is totally committed to teaching the fine technical skills to students from beginners to advanced levels.

At Exit Space the students have a wide range of dance variety to choose from to match students’ interests-

  • Ballet
  • Modern
  • Jazz
  • Tap
  • Hip Hop
  • Yoga (For Strengthening, Relaxation and Conditioning of muscles).
  • One can choose 5, 10 or 20 classes per hour or 1.5 hour per week between rates $60 to $235.

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5. Flow Studios

Welcome to Flow Studios, a premier dance studio where you learn to flow through the graceful movements of dance making it the most non-chalant and liberating experience of dance.

Imagine how your excitement would grow be if you became a part of one of the best dance studios in Seattle, Washington.

Michael Haug, the founder of Flow Studios, beautifully summarizes the essence of his dance movement-“Life gives you stages to dance on all the time. The question is, will you take those chances?”

At Flow Studios one finds a niche to discover their passion for dance through both group as well as private dance lessons, teaches you coordination, social skills and helps you unwind with the music.

Michael’s approach to dance different from the traditional dance scheme and it’s totally intuitive and logical based on individual choice of music and scenario making dance a natural process.

This dance style helps the couples to vibe with each other and embarks on a new journey towards marital bliss.

As a beginners you are offered a free private introductory lesson. The studio also offers choreography for weddings, events and team building workshops.

6. Vam Studios School Of Dance

Step into the magical world of Vam studios where students from ages 3 and above from beginners to masters level evolve into flawless dancers. It is one of the best dance studios in Seattle for Kids.

The studio offers multiple dance styles ranging from Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop and Contemporary genres.

Vam studios strives to inspire and empower people through the art of dance leaving a strong message for the community and world at large. The studio is run by an energetic team of instructors who are ready to provide the highest level of training in a fun loving, inviting and nurturing environment.

Vam works with a holistic approach towards dance and believes to create awareness to maintain a healthy mind and body. They also organize summer camps for kids based on interesting themes like magical creatures, animals and under the sea.

7. Dance Fremont

Hop in for a ride on a lifelong love for dance at Dance Fremont. It is a one of a kind community dance school for students who want to learn Ballet and Modern dance.

Students of all age groups are invited to learn different styles of dance at Dance Fremont in an environment bursting with joy and creativity.

The students learn dancing under the umbrella of highly qualified instructors who are innovative, motivational and nurturing.

The youth programs in the studio are divided into three categories-

  • Primary program (ages 3 to 7)
  • Preparatory program (ages 7 to 10)
  • Proficiency program( ages 9 to 18)

Also summer youth classes, camps, intermediate workshops and advanced contemporary dance intensive is hosted  as part of our summer curriculum.

Rates for each class based on programs is available online and could be selected on monthly or annual basis.

7. Spectrum Dance Theatre

Founded in 1982, Spectrum Dance theatre is one of the most innovative dance company, that trains student in the dance of highest calibre by certified instructors who sweat it out to make their students shine.

Under the grand vision of Donald Byrd the company has given some exhilarating performances in contemporary that has earned international recognition. Students hone their skills in variety of dance genres like Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Tumbling  and Contemporary.

Spectrum’s Community Outreach program provides dance lessons and education for the overall community on dance as a civic/social instrument.

8. NorthWest Dance

Welcome to Northwest Dance to discover the joy and excellence of creative dance. The studio provides a unique and respectable platform for beginners and intermediate dancers who can align themselves with the joy of dance and develop coordination, skills and confidence.

The supportive, friendly and highly trained instructors groom the students with their time tested teaching methods of dance.

The students are trained in Swing, blues, Waltz and Zydeco.

North West Dance Network also hosts a live dance music twice a month to encourage its students.

9. Vibe Dance Studio

Vibe Dance Studios Seattle was created in 2010 under the artistic guidance of Stephanie Zurinsky to serve the communities with dance of highest calibre for both professional and recreational purpose.

Under its nurturing, professional and skilled faculty Vibe Dance is committed to scale new heights and vision in the field of dance.

It thoroughly believes to inspire, expand and preserve its students to maintain excellence in the artistry of dance.

As one of the premier dance studios in Washington, Vibe boasts of a sprawling 10,000 square feet area with 5 studios equipped with state-of the art facilities.

Vibe offers dance lessons in multiple genres like Ballet. Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Break dance and Tumbling.

Your itinerary in Seattle will be quite satisfactory given the extraordinary sightseeing that is on your cards. From gorgeous art museums to pristine mountain views, Seattle truly fulfills the image of the Pacific North West.

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