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Most Famous French Folk Dances

French Folk Dances

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France, the country of the Enlightenment, is not internationally recognised just by its Eiffel Tower but by its culture and folk dances. French people are very passionate about their culture and art, and several different French folk dances are famous worldwide. As folk dances reflect the culture and life of a particular region or country, many folk dances in France depend on distinct regions of France. Some examples of french folk dances overall France include Forlane, Menuet, Musette, and Sarabande. Bourree and Belle Dance are one of the most popular french folk dances. These two dances are often performed in the country and cultural centres for visitors to France. The Baroque dance originated between 1600 to 1750. While dancing, the performers wear colourful dresses. 

2 Most Iconic French Folk dances

Though France is famous for giving birth to ballet dance and fusing the elements of music, dance, and plot to design it into a dramatic whole, it has become one of France’s most known dances outside its border. Though most folk French dances may not be particularly well-known outside the country, two of them have managed to cross borders, gain worldwide fame, and immediately bring an idea of a certain French lifestyle.

  1. The French Cancan

It isn’t easy to think of a dance style more symbolic and more closely associated with a venue and a specific time of history. The French Cancan stole the show in the late 20th century when the famous French painter Henri de Toulouse Lautrec painted posters for the Moulin Rouge and its most famous dancers.

  1. The valse musette

The valse musette is as famous as the French cancan. The most important thing to know about valse musette is that it is danced to the sound of the accordion to understand just how iconic this French folk dance is. Born in the 1880s around the time of the Belle Époque, this might still be seen danced nowadays in village halls on the 14th of July for Bastille Day: It is just as traditional as watching the military parade on the Champs-Élysées or listening to anthems such as “La Marseillaise” and “Le chant des partisans”. 

3 Most Famous French Folk Dances 

Since France is a country rich in tradition, culture, music and art, many folk dances have been lost over time. The 3 most famous folk french dances exist from a list of most folk dances in France. Let us know about them in detail: 

  1. The farandole

Farandole is an open-chain community dance that has been in France for many centuries, most notably in the southeast region of Provence. The local people say that the farandole is the oldest traditional folk dance in the country. It is also one of the easiest folk dances. Children in the school cultural events even enjoy the farandole. 

  1. The bourrée auvergnate

The bourree auvergnate, as the name can be guessed as a French dance, is originally from the central region of Auvergne. People of the country perform this dance on special occasions nowadays; it first appeared and gained popularity in the 16th century, spreading to other countries in Western Europe, including Great Britain.

  1. The maraîchine

The maraîchine folk dance of France is worth mentioning in our list though it maybe a little less famous than the first two folkloric dances we have listed. The maraîchine is another renowned folk dance traditionally performed in a line or a circle. This type of dance comes from two regions northwest of France, Poitou and Bretagne (or Britanny in English). The latter is well-known for its many dances of Celtic inspiration.

Check out this video of France’s Traditional Dance Performed in a Scool Function

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