The Sun Dance: A Spiritual and Cultural Tradition of Native American Tribes

Sun Dance might visualize as dancing against Sun, but this dance is actually something unique, devotional and mind-blowing. Imagine standing in the midst of a vast prairie, surrounded by a circle of people adorned in colourful feathers and intricate beadwork. The air is filled with the rhythmic beating of a drum, and the sound of voices chanting in unison. You watch as a brave warrior is suspended from a tall pole, his body pierced with wooden skewers. As you witness this intense display of devotion, you realize that you are experiencing one of the most sacred and ancient ceremonies in Native American culture – the Sun Dance.

It is a communal event and is led by a spiritual leader or a Sun Dance chief. The chief leads the dancers in a circular formation as they move around in a counter-clockwise direction while singing and drumming. The leader also helps guide the dancers through the various spiritual elements of the ceremony, such as fasting and prayer.

The ritual includes a variety of activities and is seen as a physical and spiritual journey. The dancers will often fast for several days prior to the ceremony, abstaining from food and water as a way of honouring the Creator and the four directions. The dancers will also practice a period of purification, in which they bathe themselves in sweet grass smoke, sage, or cedar.

During the ceremony, the dancers will pierce their skin in honour of the Creator. This is done by inserting a bone or wooden skewer through the skin and tying a rope around it. The rope is then attached to a central pole, or “Tree of Life”, and the dancer will then dance in a circular motion around the pole. This is seen as a way of offering prayers and thanks to the Creator.

Origin of Sun Dance

The origin of the Sun Dance dates back to ancient times, and it is difficult to pinpoint a specific date or place of its origin. However, it is widely believed that the Sun Dance was first practised by the Plains Indians, who lived in what is now the central part of North America. The Sun Dance was an important part of their religious and cultural traditions and was seen as a way to honour the sun and connect with the spiritual world.


The history of the Sun Dance is complex and varied, as it was practised differently by different tribes and groups of people. However, the basic elements of the ceremony remained the same. The Sun Dance was typically performed once a year, in the summer months when the sun was at its strongest. The ceremony lasted for several days and involved a variety of rituals and activities, including dancing, singing, and fasting.


The Sun Dance was a way for Native Americans to connect with their spiritual and cultural heritage, and it was seen as a way to renew the bonds between people, nature, and the spiritual world. It was also a way for people to make offerings to the spirits and ask for blessings and guidance. The ceremony was seen as a way to bring the community together and promote unity and harmony.


The costume worn during the Sun Dance is an important part of the ceremony. It typically consists of a breechcloth or loincloth, which is made of buckskin or other materials. The dancer’s body is often painted with traditional symbols and designs, and they may wear eagle feathers, which are seen as sacred by many Native American tribes. The dancer may also wear bells, rattles, or other objects that make noise, which is believed to ward off evil spirits.

Music Used in Sun Dance

Music is an important part of the Sun Dance, and it is believed to have a powerful spiritual effect on the dancers and the community. The music is typically provided by a group of drummers and singers, who play traditional songs and chants. The rhythm of the music is meant to help the dancers enter into a trance-like state and connect with the spiritual world.

In conclusion, the Sun Dance is a significant ceremony and religious practice of Native American tribes. It has a long and complex history and is still practised today by many indigenous people across North America. The Sun Dance is an important way for Native Americans to connect with their spiritual and cultural heritage, and it is seen as a way to promote unity and harmony within the community. The costume and music are important elements of the ceremony and are believed to have a powerful spiritual effect on the participants.

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