The Best Dance Studios in Columbus, Ohio, USA

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Welcome to Columbus Ohio, America’s heartland also known as the “Buckeye state” and home to some of the best dance studios.

 There is so much to learn about Columbus besides its best dance studios, out of which one is, its location-as some of the major US cities like Atlanta, Chicago and New York City as less than a day’s drive away from here.

Indulge in a fine dining experience at the end of the day at the Milestone 229 with a spectacular view of the riverfront and the towering Columbus skyline glittering in the backdrop.

And when all is said and done and you feel you want to explore the city a bit more then you can unleash your free spirit and enroll in one of these best dance studios in Columbus, Ohio.

Dance Elite Performance Academy

Dance Elite is a premier dance studio that is committed to empower its students to achieve the best of everything.

 It promises to train its students in a welcoming yet challenging environment where they learn the grit, imagination and perseverance required to become a good dancer. In this learning process the also remember that hard work pays off.

The main purpose of Dance Elite Academy is to enrich the lives of people through the art and discipline of dance.

 Here the expert instructors feel, breathe and teach dance to the students who go ahead and excel as recreational or professional dancers to serve the community at large. 

Dance Elite offers classes in a wide range of genres like Bachata Domnician Republic but lays emphasis mostly Hip Hop and Jazz. The studio along with its talented team is constantly pushing the boundaries and taking the art of dance to the “Next Level!”

Classes are offered in the following dance styles here-

You can either choose an all-inclusive/ one-time payment or monthly payment option of $67/month for a 60 minute class or $57/month for a 30 minute class.

Columbus Modern Dance Company/COMO

Columbus modern Dance company or COMO as it’s popularly known as is a widely acclaimed dance studio comprising of dancers from all over US. COMO celebrates a dancing style that is entertaining and athletic.

The instructors of COMO hold degrees from some of the prominent universities like University of Notre Dame, University of Nevada, Las Vegas and Radford University.

At COMO the dancers are skilled in various modern techniques with formal training in ballet. The instructors constantly improvise latest styles and techniques in their choreography to be presented in the company repertoire.

COMO believes in the unique philosophy of, ”Be Entertained, Be included, Be Fulfilled.”

Cost of each 5 class session is $50 and 8 class session is $ 80 for all levels and there is no registration fee.

Artisan Dance Studio

Welcome to the innovative dance world of Artisan Dance Studio, where dance is the language of expression. 

Here new students come and blend with old students every day to learn the latest techniques and compositions of Ballet, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Tap and Jazz techniques.

Here classes are held for youth and adults from ages 3 and above in various levels of –

Pre Ballet, Beginner’s Ballet, Beginning Tap, Intermediate contemporary, Intermediate Hip Hop and Jazz, Acrobatics and tumbling, Intermediate Ballet, Beginner Teen Ballet, Advanced Teen Ballet, Beginner teen contemporary.

You can sign up for a 5 weeks

  • 30 minute class in $50 (for the entire session).
  • 45 minute class in $60 (for the entire session).
  • 60 minute class in $65 (for the entire session).
  • 75 minute class in $70 (for the entire session).


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Dance millennium is a premier dance studio where dance education is not just limited to the four walls of the studio. It began its journey in 2001 with a simple and traditional dance concept but later in 2005 transformed into 17+ years drop in format. 

The studio works with the mission to bring flexibility of dance concept that transcends any space or location. It offers dance, fitness and performance programs for children (4 +years), teen and adults in various disciplines.

Besides it also offers comprehensive dance program for school districts, bridal dance lessons for couples and wedding events and host interactive performances for corporate events.

The kids dance program is totally instructional based with main focus to build a strong foundation in jazz, tap and ballet. 

The teens and adult dance programs is for recreational and professional purpose which offers them a selection of range of disciplines, techniques and styles and a broader training platform to figure out what suits them best.

K Studio

If you’re looking for a studio where dance is much more than an expression, then welcome to K studio. Here the instructors help you build your self-esteem, nurture your creativity and boost your confidence.

At K studio students can explore a positive and encouraging environment beginning their formal training with Ballet, which is the epitome of grace and lays the foundation for all other dance forms. 

Besides pre-ballet as the basis of all dance, K studio also trains students in Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Contemporary, Modern and Creative.

The studio’s certified and award winning instructors are passionate towards the art of dance and they work hard to instill in the students self-discipline and self-confidence. The classes mainly focus on training children between 3 to 18 years of age.

The studio also train exceptional students for dance competitions across the country. 

Dance Rhythms

Welcome to Dance Rhythms Studio, a sensational name for dance lovers in the city of Columbus. At Dance Rhythm dancers have been creating history for the last 25 years giving quality dance training to all the dance learners.

It has set exceptional standards in niche dance genres for students from different ethnic backgrounds through its recreational, professional and community outreach programs. 

Through its comprehensive and creative dance curriculum Dance Rhythm’s talented faculty does every bit to build the students potential.

Students get to learn the fine skills of Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Stretching and Leaps and Turns.

The number of classes per week here range between $55 to $85/month.

North Pointe Dance Academy

Zoom into the world of North Point Dance Academy where every student takes the little steps towards reaching excellence in the art of dance.

Here students of all age groups and skills are involved and orchestrated into creating a wonderful dance experience through various dance genres.

Every student’s unique talents and body language is nurtured to sculpt them into confident and healthy individuals.

North Pointe Academy’s highly talented faculty provides extraordinary training in safe and positive environment. Besides learning the fine techniques of dance, students at North Pointe are also groomed to focus on their life goals. Ballet, Jazz and Creative Movement are the typical styles of dance taught here. It hosts exciting summer camps, recreational and competitive classes for different age groups.

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Pinnell Dance Center

Pinnell Dance Center is one of its kind celebrating 40 years of dancing experience through the joyful art of dance. It has also earned the glorious position as one of the top 50 dance studios in the country.

Here students enroll in dance lessons for recreational purpose to build confidence through healthy body or for professional purpose to establish themselves.

Pinnell Dance Center has created brilliant dancers who have performed in famed Broadway shows. Students here are free to choose from the sacred genres of Ballet, Jazz, lyrical, Hip Hop and Tumbling.

Bartelt Dancers

Bartelt Dancers has been making waves in the world of dance since 1990 and providing quality dance training for students of all age groups and skills.

The studio is home to some 200 dancers all across the state of Ohio. This is a place where students find comfort combined with dance skills without any pressure to learn fast. They learn to connect with their peers along with important life skill.

Students unwind and learn some of the core values such as pride, respect, responsibility, dedication and commitment in a highly motivated environment.

The studio specializes in Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Musical Theater and creative movement.

Seven Dance Academy

Welcome to the world of Seven Dance Academy. Here students can grab all the opportunity and attention to excel as a seasoned dancer. Seven Dance offers students of different age groups and skills the liberal platform to explore and excel in the art of dance

. It also opens the door to an exciting world of dance while allowing your kids to learn focus, discipline and motor skills through body movements.

Seven Dance’s mission is to instill creativity, confidence, and character and foster friendships among students.

It believes that providing safe, fun and friendly atmosphere is the best way to challenge and inspire students through dance. Students are free to pick from genres Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Lyrical, Contemporary, Gymnastics and Creative Movement.

While you are glued to the major attractions of this bustling mid-western city, you can always hop in to one of these best dance studios in Columbus, Ohio and cheer up the dancing sensation in you.

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