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Best Dance Studios in Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Here is the list of the top dance studios in Fort Worth, Texas. The list is in no particular order and been curated for dance students and aspirants looking for the best dance classes in Fort Worth, TX.

If you want a feel of pure, clean and green country air toppled with a mix of cowboy culture with some best dance studios, then dance studio Fort Worth Texas is just the place you want to belong.

 Fort Worth also known as Cowtown. Besides its popular dance studios, Texas is the fifth largest city having a fair share of art museums, clean and green spaces with a charming countryside recording 9.1 million visitors every year. You definitely don’t want to miss the joyride that Fort Worth takes you on

.Looking to tune into Billy Bob’s honky tonk concerts or chasing some spicy Tex-Mex in the neighborhood, Fort Worth certainly brings you a refreshing experience of the great American West.

Who doesn’t want to get lost into the rustic charm of good ol’ Texas and dance to the foot tapping beats of country music? Let’s go hoppin’ to find out some of the coolest dance studios in Fort Worth, Texas-

1. Beyond Movement Dance Studio

Beyond Movement is one such studio which has taken professional dance to a whole new level. Under the supervision and training of its esteemed dancers you can see the continuous growth and talent in your child.

The studio’s mission is to share with your child the love for the art of dance and how they evolve with every style of dance grasping its core values of technique, discipline, respect, confidence, teamwork and proper dance etiquette.

So Beyond the movement is more than just dance, it creating for your child chain of possibilities to succeed in which ever field they choose. Beyond the movement offers dance lessons at various levels-from ages 2.5 to 18 years in a fun filled ambience. It teaches a variety of dance styles starting from ballet, jazz, tap, Hip Hop, contemporary, drill team preps and junior dance sessions.

Beyond the Movement is dedicated to promote the dancers from inside out. They firmly believe that dance plays an important role in your child’s development.

Beyond the movement wishes to flourish as a dance company and believes that the students encourage and support each other’s dreams and wish to graduate into a seasoned dancer.

Let’s see another dance studio of fort worth.

2. Studio One Dance Center

If you are looking for a premier dance center in the north Fort Worth area then Studio One Dance is the perfect place to begin offering an eclectic mix in dancing styles like-ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, musical theater and Hip Hop. 

It’s a studio with the sole purpose to equip all dancers with a flair for dancing in different styles like ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, musical theater, Hip Hop and tumbling.

Studio one dance center is one of a kind dance studio which works towards the overall character development adding to their self-esteem.
Studio One Dance center believes in grooming the child in a positive atmosphere and provide them with all the essentials of character building like-patience, teamwork, perseverance, coordination and concentration which last lifelong.

They firmly believe that one can learn dance and maintain grace and beauty with the intent to honor God. Here the choreography is free from vulgarity and based on soft nuances dance and expressions. 

Both music and costumes strictly follow the artistic discretion of the studio at all times.

Besides the studio offers many added perks like comfortable waiting areas, observation windows with a constant focus to upgrade the facility.

It also offers affordable costumes and host public shows to motivate your child through exposure and professionalism.

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3. Dance With Me Studios

For all dance aficionados looking for an unparalleled experience, Dance With Me Studios goes the extra miles to make your dance repertoire an outstanding one. It’s are dedicated to teach various dancing styles without taking the fun quotient out of it.

The instructions push the boundaries to make your dance experience an uplifting one. Doesn’t matter whether you take up dance as a hobby, as a fitness tool or just wish to sharpen your moves, the studio helps you reach your full potential as dancer.

No wonder more and more people take dancing lessons as it’s the best way to beat stress, feel confident and stay healthy. Dance is an incredible way to express your creativity with a community of like-minded people.

The instructors help you to achieve type of dance goal that you are looking for. Whether you want to make an impression in your local club or want to grab the trophy in the upcoming dance competition. Dance With Me Studios can make you stand out!

The types of dancing styles you can learn here are – Cha Cha, Paso Dobles, Rumba, Salsa and Jive.

The instructors are trained in both American and international styles of competitive ballroom dancing along with some of the latest styles like Hip Hop, contemporary and musical theatre.

4. Dance Axiom

At Dance Axiom celebrates dance and ensure all its students turn into dancers par excellence in a nurturing environment where dance is more than just an art.

Here the students of varying performance levels learn different dance styles under the professional talent of its experienced dancers who transform dance into an out of body experience.

Students are groomed on how to perfectly blend the soft nuances of dance postures with the rhythm of music.

To ensure the students can express themselves efficiently through dance the studio teach them choreography which they can retain and perform confidently. It encourages its students to learn technique and become versatile in different genres of dance. It also helps them take constructive criticism to help them achieve their dance goals.

Here the talented faculty under the guidance of Mr. Bryan Ingram help the students achieve all the dance goals.

Here lessons are offered in various genres like-

  • Ballet
  • Contemporary
  • Jazz
  • Tap
  • Hip Hop
  • Leaps and turns
  • Musical theatre

The charges per classes could be chosen on hourly basis or monthly basis. You get an unlimited hours individual package for $300 and a family package for $400.

5. Dance Concept

Welcome to Dance Concept, Fort Worth’s home of dance. Here classes are offered in different genres like Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet Pointe, Tap and Lyrical styles. The dance classes are divided into following levels and genres according to ages-

  1. Preschool 1(ages 2 to 4)/Preschool 2 (ages 4 to 6)-
  2. Ballet-Tap combination (ages 5 to 7)-
  3. Jazz ( ages 5 to 7)-
  4. Hip Hop levels 1 to 5 (ages 5 to 7)-
  5. Jazz levels 1 to 5 ( age 7+)-
  6. Tap levels 1 to 5 (ages 7+)-
  7. Ballet levels 1 & 2(ages 7 to 11)-
  8. Ballet/Pointe levels 3 to 5 (ages 10)-
  9. Lyrical levels 2 to 5 (ages 8 +)-

You can book your classes according to the preferred and eligible levels above. Payment can be made either based on the number of classes chosen per week ($65 for 1 class/week and $130 for 5 classes /week).

Similarly fees for two semesters (Fall-Sept to December) (Spring January to May) varies from $240 to $775 base on the number of classes opted per week.

6. All That Dance

When you step into All That Dance you know this is where your dance dreams will realize.  Here toddlers learn to wiggle and jiggle with their tippy toes, teens wear their bold creative flair and adults find back their dancing passion.

All That dance provides an outstanding platform for all its students based on positive learning environment with focus on fun, creativity, social development and brain development.

Students of all ages are free to enroll at All That Dance and are allowed to progress at their own pace. That’s why its in our list of best dance studio in fort worth

 If you want to know which dance style suits you the best get detailed descriptions of the classes taken here-

  • Parent tot

This is the perfect way for adults to get your tiny tots get familiar with dance. Kids are playfully engaged with nursery rhymes. They stretch and skip with the music and move around with props, like scarves, umbrella and musical instruments. Recommended for kids between 18 months to 6 years of age.

  • Creative Ballet

Here kids are introduced with the slender and delicate Ballet moves which demands cross lateral and contra lateral body movement that stimulates brain development. This helps develop social skills and self-esteem.

  • Ballet-

Strength, flexibility, balance and grace are the main goals of this class.

  • Pointe-

This class is meant for advanced Ballet dancers and involves complex footwork with beauty and grace.

  • Tap-

This is a high energy dance to develop rhythm, coordination and control and expression through intense footwork.

Other contemporary dance styles include modern, Hip Hop and Jazz.

7. Dance Legacy

Dance Legacy is one of a kind dance studio which carries on the legacy of dance with the mission, “Dance is more than exercise”, teaching us about all the well rounded aspects of life.

It teaches us that even if all of us cannot become professional dancers one can certainly imbibe the basic elements of dance like dedication, discipline and hard work which help us in making better choices in life.
You can enroll your kids in Daytime, preschool, recreational or competitive dance program for your kids. The preschool dance classes are designed for kids from 18 months to 6 years old.

Which introduces kids to basic tumbling and gentle movements through song and dance. Students who are at least 3 years old learn formal steps in ballet, tap and jazz and the dance terminology. Each class lasts for 30 minutes.
Recreational class is conducted for students 6 years and older where students learn the basic movement and vocabulary of the individual styles of dance out of ballet, tap and jazz.

rhumba by couple

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8. Premier Dance Academy

As the name suggests Premier Dance Academy is the center where the students learn different styles of dance under trained instructors.
Students follow a curriculum to learn discipline, commitment and teamwork through dance techniques.

Premier Dance Academy offers you classes in different categories like-

  • Ballet
  • Pointe
  • Pre-pointe
  • Tap
  • Jazz
  • Hip Hop 
  • Lyrical

The academy also offers summer dance programs in ballet, tap, jazz and acro. The students under this program learn to focus on the fundamental of acrobatics which become an essential part of dance choreography including stretching, conditioning and strengthening.

9. The Dancer Project

Founded by Director Jennifer Drake, The Dancer Project envisions a world of dance more inclusive and healthy for the dance enthusiasts. The Dancer Project is a studio which seeks equanimity among dancers from diverse cultural and social backgrounds. Here all the students receive a chance for self-expression. This dance studio of fort worth strives to create space for everyone who want to have fun, create positive energy, relax and inspire through dance.

The Dancer Project provides quality and affordable dance training for all age groups. Students are free to choose any dance genre based on their interests which include-creative movement, pre-ballet, Ballet, Pre-pointe, Pointe, variations, contemporary and stretch. The studio is also involved in community outreach programs to bring empowerment through performing arts.

The classes are split into different categories-

  • Community division(Adult)
  • Community division (Youth)
  • Pre Ballet 1
  • Pre Ballet 2
  • Creative Movement
  • Lower Level
  • Upper Level

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10. Dance in Bloom

Welcome to Dance Bloom a studio with a blossoming dance legacy to be proud of. It’s voted as one of the best dance studios in Nashville which aims at building self-confidence, discipline and creativity in a fun and energetic environment. Here the students incorporate the finest techniques of dance from top notch instructors and turn dance into a reviving experience.

The studio offers quality dance training to all age groups with a diversified approach involving multiethnic groups, engaged in the empowerment of the community.

 It strives for excellence in dance with a vision to establish its students for recreation and professional performances. Under the guidance of its talented faculty the studio trains students of varying skill levels helps them reach their true potential. You can sign up for either summer or fall classes with some exciting offers to pick from.

 The studio extends over a 3000 square feet facility with two large studios, a spacious lobby with large windows and circuit cameras to ensure security. 

Fueled by the passion and encouragement of their instructors the students can explore an eclectic range of dance styles from Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Modern and Tumbling. Students can either opt for recreational classes or dance company classes starting from $ 50 /month to $140 /month.

Summing up the best dance studio in Fort worth Texas. While you enjoy getting hooked to the rich country culture and stop by some of the amazing landmarks of the great American West here in Fort Worth, you might as well get into your cow boy hats and boots to level up your dancing skills in one of these best dance studios in Fort Worth, Texas.

Or plan to see Best Dance Studios of Austin Texas.

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