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Most Popular Spanish Dances


Get to know the different types of traditional Spanish dances and their origins. The most famous Spanish folk dances are the Flamenco, Canary & Bolero dance. These dances from Spain have inspired many of the latin, Philippines and American dance forms.

1. Flamenco Dance

The most popular Spanish folk dance is called the Flamenco. It originated in Spain during the 19th century by combining elements of other traditional dances. The first recorded performance of the Flamenco was in 1845 at the Royal Palace of Madrid. In the early 20th century, this dance of Spain spread throughout Europe and North America. Today, Flamenco is performed worldwide.

2. Canary Dance

The Canary Dance is one of the oldest traditional dances in Spain. This Spanish dance originated in the Canary Islands and has been passed down through generations. This dance from Spain consists of two parts: an introduction and a main part. During the introduction, dancers perform a series of steps with their hands and feet while singing. This is followed by the main part where dancers move their bodies rhythmically.

3. Bolero Dance

The bolero is a type of Spanish folk dance that originated in Cuba. It was brought to Spain during the 19th century when Cuban immigrants arrived in Spain. The Bolero dance is characterized by its fast tempo and strong beat.

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