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How to Dance Merengue for Beginners: 4 Merengue videos

Merengue is a popular Cuban dance that originated in Cuba. It has become very popular throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. This video will teach you how to dance merengues.

The following videos explain how to dance merengue step by step. Merengue dance steps are considered the simplest social dance to learn since the steps are easy to learn while still being fun and sexy.

The Basic Steps

In order to learn how to dance merengue, you need to first understand what the steps are. There are eight basic steps to dancing merengue. These steps are shown in the video below.

Merengue Basics

The Merengue Music

Once you’ve learned the basics of merengue dancing, you can start practicing with some fun music. Try out one of these songs below.
Merengue Music & Songs

The Basic Footwork

In order to learn more about merengue dancing, watch the following video. This video will teach you the footwork and basic steps of the dance.

Merengue Footwork

The Basic Swing

The first step in learning merengue is to understand the basics of the swing step. This step involves moving one leg forward while the other remains stationary. It’s also known as the “basic” step because it’s the simplest step in merengue.

To learn more about the origins and history of the Merengue Dance click this link.

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