Bring the Roaring Twenties to Life with Lindy Hop Dance

Lindy Hop also referred to as Happy Feet,  is an American dance form that originated in the 1930s and 1940s in Harlem, New York. It is an energetic, fast-paced, social dance and is a combination of jazz, swing, and African-American vernacular dance.

Due to its improvisational and social nature, Lindy Hop is often danced in a circle and is often danced in pairs. The partners move in and out of the circle, and the leader usually leads the follower in different patterns. The follower is expected to be able to follow the leader and to be able to add their own style and flair to the dance.

Lindy Hop has been popularized through many movies and television shows, and it is still danced in many cities around the world. It is especially popular in the United States and Europe. In many cities, Lindy Hop classes and workshops are held regularly, where dancers can learn the basics and practice together.

Lindy Hop is an exciting and enjoyable dance form that can be enjoyed by both dancers and spectators alike. It is an energetic and lively dance that is sure to get everyone on the dance floor and having a good time.


  1. Characterized by a strong, energetic, and joyful style, lindy hop is a partner dance that is a fusion of various swing dances, including the Charleston, Breakaway, and Collegiate Shag. 
  2. Lindy hop is danced to swing music, usually in 8-count patterns. 
  3. Lindy hop is known for its improvisation and has a lot of room for personal expression and creativity. 
  4. The dance is characterized by an 8-count breakaway step that is used to transition from one move to the next. 
  5. In lindy hop, the follower plays an active role and is allowed to initiate and lead the moves.
  6. Lindy hop is a highly social dance, with frequent partner changes and a focus on interacting with other dancers.

Costume of Lindy Hop

The costume of Lindy Hop is a classic look from the 1920s-1940s era, typically featuring a knee-length dress or skirt, a blouse, and a cardigan or vest. Men often wear dress pants and suspenders, along with a dress shirt and vest. Accessories such as hats, ties, and pocket squares are also popular.

Why is Lindy Hop so popular?

Lindy Hop is popular for many reasons. It is an incredibly energetic and fun dance form that is easy to learn and enjoyable for everyone. Its blend of jazz, swing and African-American vernacular dance makes it versatile and appealing to many different types of people. It is also a very social dance, which means it is easy to find partners and make new friends. Additionally, Lindy Hop is often accompanied by lively and upbeat music, which makes it a great way to have a good time. Finally, the improvisational and creative nature of Lindy Hop makes it an ideal dance form for those looking to express themselves and have fun!

The Lindy Hop is truly timeless. Its rich history and vibrant energy have been shared by generations of dancers around the world and will continue to bring people together in pure celebration for years to come. So why not join in the excitement and learn to swing your way to happiness? There’s no better time to start than now!

Lindy Hop Dance Video

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