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Ballroom rumba’ is now a popular American dance style also referred to as ‘Rhumba‘. Originating from the east coast of the United States of America, this form of dancing is performed to music that comprises mainly of ‘Afro-Cuban’ rhythms.

Now, a question that may arise in your mind is, what exactly does this unique dance form entail?

Here is then presenting an analysis highlighting a few facts that you need to know about this dance.

What is Rhumba, and where did it originate?

‘A unique genre of ballroom music and dance’ is the best way to describe this American dance form. It was first developed in the United States of America during the 1930s. It was developed along the eastern coast and is basically performed to big band music comprising of ‘Afro-Cuban’ rhythms.

How and when did the term Rhumba first get coined? 

It was between 1913 and 1915 that American music companies first began to use this term to describe Latin music in general. However, it was in May 1930 that for the first time the actual Rhumba musical genre was developed, when the ‘Havana Casino Orchestra’ led by Don Azpiazú composed the song ‘El manisero’.

What are the costumes used in Rhumba? 

The costume worn by the performers during a performance varies depending on their gender. They are as follows:

  1. For males: The costume worn includes an overcoat, a shirt, trousers, and a pair of dancing shoes.
  2. For females:  The costume worn includes a colorful short dress and a pair of high heel shoes.

How to dance the Rhumba?

There exist two forms of Rhumba, namely the American and the European style. The basic steps involved in both these styles are as follows:

  1.  American Style:  It basically comprises of a ‘box step’, and comprises of ‘slow-quick-quick’  pattern. Furthermore, it is danced on the first, third, and the fourth beats of the 4 beat music.
  2. European Style:  It basically comprises of ‘quick-quick-slow’ pattern, and is danced on the second, third, and fourth beat of the 4 beat music. This style was created by Monsieur Pierre in Europe.


Rhumba Dance Video tutorial for Beginners:

If you now intend to watch how this uniquely American dance style is actually done, here is presenting a YouTube Video.

It is, therefore, inherent grace which makes ‘Rhumba’ a dance form not only worth performing but viewing as well.

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

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