Top 10 Dance Studios in Washington DC, USA

dance studio in washington dc

Your yearning to learn the finest dance moves is never complete if you haven’t visited the best dance studios in Washington DC. Yes you’re right it’s the residence of the President of United States of America, the White House, the capital of free museums, top notch exhibits, stunning art galleries and heritage walks, to make you feel special and transport back into another space and time.

You can experience the larger than life of aviation and space travel at the Smithsonian National Air and Space museum, with some of the most monstrous and tangible collection of space and aviation artefacts on display.

If you feel you got to explore the dance spirit of this city and blend with the best dancers in Washington DC, then find your way to some of the Best Dance Studios in Washington DC.

1. District Dance

Welcome to District Dance, a unique dance studio where students are trained under creative, fun and energetic dance programs which shapes their character to emerge as resolute and compassionate leaders of tomorrow.

The dance studios dc has a designed dance curriculum for students of every age and ability whether they learn dance with recreational or professional perspective. Here is a description of its featured categories of dance lessons-

  • Pre-ballet:

This dance studio is perfectly designed for young cherubs between 2 to 3 year old who have just started to take their first wiggly steps. This super exciting class introduces young ballerinas to the balancing act of beginner’s ballet so that they learn formal social skills while engaging and moving their bodies to jingles. This helps them to follow instructions, listen, take turns, waiting in line and become more independent.

  • Ballet & Tap Dance:

The students get a level up through this class with the introduction of ballet shoes. This gives them the thrilling opportunity to learn the fusion between soft ballet postures and the rhythmic percussive movements of Tap. This class is meant for students aged between 3 to 6 years.

  • Jazz/Hip Hop /Acro:

When the kids turn 6 years old they are invited to an energetic session of Jazz, Hip Hop and Acrobatics. The quick leaps, turns and stretches in jazz, the stomping of feet with upbeat music and the stretching and bending in acrobatics instills in the student all the components of dance moves in the right amount.

Students enjoy every bit of dancing which develops creativity, imagination, coordination and musicality, the benefits of which go beyond the walls of the dance studio.

2. Work it! Studio

Welcome to Work It! Studio, a premier dance studio which combines fitness, dance and wellness in a fun and energetic environment to boost the dancer’s spirits.

Here students, professionals, interns, fitness enthusiasts belonging to different ethnicity are invited to learn different genres of dance starting from Flamenco, Hip Hop, Burlesque, Wanda Woman Dance, ASAI, Belly Dance, High heel, Pole Dance and Salsa to set the dance floor on fire!

Work it! Strives to connect with a diverse group of individuals and organizations interested in physical fitness, wellness, music, arts who are keen to let loose and stay fit. At Work It!

The studio’s fitness and wellness coaches create inviting spaces for individuals and groups through specially designed fitness classes of Zumba, Tai Chi, yoga classical ballet, body conditioning, belly dance, salsa and signature fusion of Hip Hop/ Jazz/Afro called Wanda Woman dance.

You can also treat yourself with a refreshing spa presented by the holistic sisters creative prepared with all natural herbs and ingredients.

Team Work It! Studio can even plan and host a grand bachelorette party, pole party, girl’s night out, dance-a-thons and fundraisers for you. Come and join Work It! To contribute through playing, dancing and socializing.

You can opt for a single session for $95.

  • 4 pack session for $90/session.
  • 8 pack session for $ 85/session.
  • 12 pack session for$ 80/session.

3. Principal Ballet

Welcome to Principal Ballet which believes in motto #eatsleepballet. One of the fundamental aspects of dancing is learning and sharing through experience until the students sport excellence in techniques and finally manifest leadership skills in different areas of life.

At Principal Ballet the instructors motivate students regardless of their physical, emotional and mental abilities to succeed through learning, practice and leadership skills either for their performance for recreational purpose or for community service.

Here the classes are carefully crafted keeping the student in mind with firm belief that learning dance not only addresses decorum, discipline and perfection but also builds self-respect and confidence.

To begin with you can try the 2 week introductory program with unlimited classes and get exposed to the intellectual, emotional, physical and visual aspects of dance in a caring and sharing atmosphere.

4. Serpentine Dance Studios

If you’re looking for a dance studios where you can adapt some middle-eastern flair, then come to Serpentine Dance studios. It is described as the home of world dance where you can feel every bit of middle-eastern, Indian and Latin culture to blend with.

Here you can find all the elements of world dance in a friendly environment under the guidance of highly trained mentors who help you to bring out the best in you.

Whether you are a beginner with faltering steps or an experienced dancer adding up your skills, Serpentine takes your dancing passion to the nest level.

Serpentine as the name suggests is especially popular for its Belly dancing lessons, meant for everyone. Besides it also teaches, Samba, Zumba and Indian dances like Bollywood and Bhangra. These classes include an energetic workout routine through bold postures and fluid movements.

Also discover restorative dance and Trance dancing for people suffering from physical ailments. You can sign up for a drop in class for $15 or $20.

rhumba by couple

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5. Dance place

Dance Place is a one of a kind dance studio which involves all kind of dance activity and performances for adults and kids.

Here students get to learn the A to Z of dance under professional instructors who are totally dedicated to teach the finest nuances and dance skills to stand out as a brilliant performer. Students ignite their spirits with peppy dance movements under genres Hip Hop, Jazz, Modern, Tap, Tumbling, Cuban and African American.

Attend a Master Class series by famous choreographers and win a $ 10 ticket to the artist’s public performance.

You can even sign up for Dance Place internship program and get hands on experience in arts administration, technical theater, dance production, marketing, fundraising and youth development.

Dance Place is an innovative platform which binds the community to produce high quality performances, training and commissions for students and the artists.

Its Art on 8th free outdoor program aims to serve the rich cultural diversity of the nation through a series of workshops, performances and recreation.

6. Adagio Ballet School Of Dance

Adagio Dance School has been a pioneer in dance program for students of all ages since 2004. The studio has grown in leaps and bounds from a two studio facility to a beaming 10 studio facility catering 1400 students.

The studio promotes the idea that dance is a universal language which is beneficial for students for all walks of life.

It has specific programs tailored for specific levels of commitments, expectations and goals.

Under the brilliant faculty of choreographers, the students experience the joy of dance and bring out the best in themselves learning a variety of dance genres.

Here lessons are offered in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical and Hip Hop based on a strict curriculum with lessons plans, exams and progress reports.

The students can enroll under various age and skill based categories like Early years, Youth, Intensive conservatory, Adult and Summer activities. These programs engage the students to improve their creativity, fine motor skills, social skills and team work.

As a part of community initiative designed for artistic expression, the students also get an opportunity to perform through Adagio Dance Company in its annual showcase performance.

7. The Dance Institute Of Washington

Welcome to Dance Institute of Washington, a unique school of dance that promotes the most diversified approach towards expression of creativity through dance and holistic arts education.

It is committed to build self-esteem, discipline and drive for excellence through professional Ballet. The institute strives to impact inclusiveness and equal representation at all levels of dance nationally and globally.

It contributes to the rich cultural diversity of Washington DC and provides a fillip to the artistic, emotional, intellectual, social well-being of the students.

DIW also offers non-paid internships for students in the field of performing arts production, operations, administration and marketing.

It also has a special dance program designed for adults in Afro-fit, Hip Hop, Ballet and Zumba from beginners to advanced levels.

To begin with one can sign up for a $15 or $10 drop in class and register for 8 or more classes.


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8. Momentum Dance Theatre

Momentum Dance Studio is a high quality dance theatre and fitness studio meant for professional training in dance. The Jazz Hip Hop academy is Momentum Dance’s signature training program designed for kids aged 6 to 16 years. Training is provided in Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet and Contemporary dance programs from beginners to advanced levels.

The classes are conducted based on the skill level and previous experience of the students and the often the Jazz and Hip Hop classes are blended into one. The training classes eventually culminate into power packed professional performances and besides dance students also get acting opportunities.

Every class is a total package of warm ups, technique/skill building and choreography.

Check out the fun fitness drive Momentum Dance . Brings for adults with a good dose of classic jazz, Momentum Barre, Ballet, Heels on the Hill. Hip Hop and Brazilian dance for $ 18 drop in class or a 10 class card for $155.

9. Joy of Motion Dance Center

Joy of Motion Dance Studio is a unique dance platform. With access to training for students of different ages and performance levels.

It has been in the dance scenario for 40 years making difference in the lives of dance enthusiasts.

The studio forays into the diverse representation of talents. In the field of arts across communities to establish itself as the pioneer in dance. Its quality approach in training believes in the mission “Dance is for Everyone”.

Working with its fabulous team of instructors it has built a record for excellence in dance education. Innovative skills and dedicated community services.

The studio is committed to build a strong community. Which shares the universal love for dance and reserves a place for all kinds of dance lovers.

The studio provides dance classes in genres Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Modern, Tap, Creative movement.

It provides drop in and series classes in different dance styles and works in partnerships with schools.. Through performing arts, The passion,professionalism and skill of the instructors is directed towards challenging. Supporting and engaging the dancers to their fullest potential.

Know why Swing Dance is a favorite among dancers of all ages.

10. Knock On wood Tap Studio

If you’re looking for a dance studio with specialty in Tap dance then you need to go no further. ‘Knock on the Wood Dance Studio’ created a breakthrough in dance circles since 1994. And is catering to a diverse group of students and talents in and around the Washington DC area. The studio has popularized Tap dancing to a whole new level.

Switch on to Rhythm Tap a type of percussive dance that helps you make music with feet. It incorporates techniques from some famous dance genres like Jazz, Swing and Blues. The students are trained to sync complex feet and coordination of body movements with music of different genres.

Here students of all age groups and skill levels are welcome to join.

KOW also organizes special fundraiser programs which not just helps showcase the talented artists , but also to buy raffle tickets and sponsorships for local businesses.

As a part of its Tap in School outreach program, KOW promotes the joy of dance, fitness activity and creativity in schools. It also encourages its students to participate in its yearly Trawick Tap scholarship program giving the youth a wonderful opportunity to develop self-esteem, responsibility and love for traditions.

Visiting the historic landmarks and exhibits of Washington DC can be quite an enriching experience for us.

But if you like to soak yourself a bit more in the splendor of this city of vivid American heritage and laurels then there is no better way than to check out some of the Best dance studios in New York.

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