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The Best Dance Studios in Houston, Texas, USA

dance studio houston

Here is the list of the top dance studios in Houston, Texas. The list is in no particular order and been curated for dance students and aspirants looking for the best dance classes in Houston, TX.

If you were looking for Best dance classes in Houston then you are at right place. People are dragged towards this world capital of space exploration but it’s also famous for the best dance studios in Houston to be explored.

Houston is famous for its sprawling restaurants, cafes, parks and also some of the best dance studios.

The name Houston immediately pops up the famous popular number by Dean Martin-Go Back To Houston. The City Houston was named after the first President of the Republic of Texas, Sam Houston.

Let’s find out some of the popular dance studios in Houston, Texas to learn dance:

  1. Institute of Contemporary Dance in Houston
  3. Hunter Dance Center
  4. Houston City Dance | Dance School Houston | Dance for the Family
  5. Soundbox Studios
  6. Inner Me Studios | Pole Dance Classes, Houston Dance Studio
  7. Dance Passion Dance Studio
  8. Houston Metropolitan Dance Center
  9. Just Danze Dance Studios
  10. West University Dance Center
  11. Dance Heights
  12. Energy Dance Center
  13. Uptown Dance Centre
  14. DivaDance® Houston
  15. Amaya Dance
  16. MoveNation Dance Academy
  17. Fred Astaire Dance Studios – River Oaks
  18. Skydreams Dance Studio
  19. Break Free Hip-Hop School: SE Houston
  20. Dance With Me Galleria

1. Institute of Contemporary Dance in Houston

Website: https://www.icdhouston.com/

Address: 1302 Houston Ave Suite #300; Houston, TX 77007

Phone: +1 713-804-6646


One of the best dance studio is Soreal because it has evolved in the dance scene since 1998 featuring some of the best dance talents in the city of Houston. Pulsating with the electrifying energy of instructors trained in urban choreography here classes are offered for various performance levels.

Soreal envelops a one of a kind experience for its students in a studio furnished with plush hard wood floors, lights and acoustics inviting an ultimate dance experience. Soreal trains students from ages 7 through 18 years and above serving the community making dance a stream of cultural exchange.

Its dancers have performed with some of the top of the charts artists like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, Janet Jackson, Missy Eliot, Jay Park and BTS. Soreal has a team developed for varsity students called Sandlots.

Website: https://www.sorealdancestudio.com/

Address: 14520 Memorial Drive #59 Houston, TX 77079

Phone: +1 281.741.8613

3. Hunter Dance Center

Hunter Dance Center strives for excellence in dance via different dance styles crafted for beginners to advanced learners. It is also one of the best dance studio in Houston. Try the Adult drop-in classes in aerial, somatic/fitness, jazz, Barre, ballet and tap dancing with a 30 day unlimited introductory offer for $30.

You can also sign up for the weekly series of aerial classes where you learn conditioning, class and composition work using aerial props. The studio designed dance programs for kids on aerial dance, Acro dance, ballet, circus arts, Hip Hop, modern, jazz, modern, and pointe.

They also conduct summer intensive camps and Open Dance Projects based on fairy tales like Alice in the world, The Lion King and The Little Mermaid.

Website: https://hunterdancecenter.com/

Address: 747 N. Shepherd, Suite 100 Houston, TX 77007

Phone: 832-962-8982

4. Houston City Dance | Dance School Houston | Dance for the Family

The main motive of Houston City Dance is to reach out to a diverse population seeking the ethnic diversity of Houston. Established by Shersee Campbell in 1994 Houston City Dance aims eclectic dance forms like Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Modern and Tap dancing under one umbrella.

Here the classes are designed for three sections:

Children- Kids learn abstract movements to adapt their body to flexibility with the help of imaginative music and games.

Youth- This age group is meant for kids between 5 to 13 years where they develop strength, coordination and style as they gradually step into the fundamentals of various dance forms like ballet, Hip Hop, jazz modern and tap.

Adult- The adult group starts from 13 years onwards and this age group enjoys a wide scope in dancing through Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, modern and Tap dance.

The Houston City Dance also owns a dance company called City Dance Company which features a vibrant fusion of Hip Hop, Jazz and classical dance styles which is described as “urban, edgy and explosive”, reaching out to an international audience in Spain, France, Switzerland and Monaco.

Website: https://www.houstoncitydance.com/


Phone: +1 832-231-8812

5. Soundbox Studios

Website: http://www.soundbox-studios.com/

Address: 3300 Chimney Rock Rd, Suite 500, Houston,TX 77056, United States

Phone: +1 (713) 218-0799

6. Inner Me Studios | Pole Dance Classes, Houston Dance Studio

Website: https://www.innermestudios.com/

Address: 2206 Emancipation Avenue, Houston, TX 77003

Phone: +1 713.533.1455

7. Dance Passion Dance Studio

Website: https://www.facebook.com/dancepassionstudiohouston/

Address: 5535 Richmond Avenue Houston, TX, US 77056

Phone: +1 713-443-8275

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8. Houston Metropolitan Dance Center

The MET dance company is a dance company committed in its mission for last 23 years in captivating its audiences with live performances. It aims to foster the communities with a passion and excitement for dance and training them for a rewarding career in dance.

MET dance offers both children’s and adult programs in various genres and categories emerging as a leader in diversity and vitality of content.

The Community Outreach program hosted by MET dance aims to entertain, excite and expose the art of dance to a wide spectrum of audience.

Under its educational interactive program named, “Swing, Jive and Pop into dance”, the company engages around 7000 K-12 students in 15 to 20 schools offering enrolment for free classes.

This involves an energetic dance performance popping you through a colourful presentation of history, fashion, music and arts.

The company expands its talents through master classes, workshops and residencies conducted in private studios, high schools and universities. At MET dance students are exposed to learn different dance styles to boost self- confidence, social skills and a lean physique to remain active as a lifelong dancer.

And that’s the reason we added it in our list of best dance studio in Houston.

Website: https://www.metdance.org/

Address: 4916 Main Street, Suite 100, Houston, TX 77002

Phone: +1 713-522-6375

9. Just Danze Dance Studios

Website: https://justdanzehouston.com/

Address: 18351 State Hwy 249 Ste H Houston, TX 77070

Phone: +1 346-274-2772

10. West University Dance Center

Website: https://www.chasingperfectiondance.com/

Address: 4007 D Bellaire Blvd, Hou, TX  77025

Phone: +1  713.664.2233


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11. Dance Heights

Welcome to Dance Heights, Houston’s Premier Cha Cha, Bachata, West Coast Swing and Salsa studio .Dance Heights is a premier dance studio which offers high quality dance training in by well accomplished choreographers who gather precious time and energy to instill creativity and style in the students’ performance levels.

The studio offers both day time and night time classes and dance programs tailored to the student’s needs. And it doesn’t matter if you’ve two left feet because Dance heights can teach students ranging from beginners to advanced levels.

Dance Heights even organizes workshops for Bachata, Cumbia, West Coast,  You can sign up for day or night time classes starting from $40 one class to $90 for two classes.

So if you’re in Houston and looking to get hold of some dancing chops then try out the dance studios mentioned above and bring alive the dancer in you!

Website: https://www.facebook.com/DanceHeights/

Address: 5945 Bellaire Ste E Houston, Tx 77081 Houston, TX, US 77008

Phone: +1 832-896-7777

12. Energy Dance Center

Welcome to Energy Dance Center, another dance studio in houston where dance is a hypnotic rhythm that binds all the students together. Classes are held for toddlers from ages 20 months till 4 years age. It conducts one ballet class for all students under the age of 15. Students can also engage and enjoy the foot tapping beats of Tap dancing and the groovy steps of scintillating jazz music as a part of the program.

Cheer dance is another captivating dance forms that fuses stylish jazz and Hip Hop moves with cheer leading tropes. The adult fitness program includes an exciting combination of Dance bod, Drill team jam and Energy Pilates for flexibility conditioning and strengthening core muscles and alignment of posture.

Website: https://www.energydancecenter.com/

Address: 1570 South Dairy Ashford​ Rd., Suite 200, Houston, TX 77077

Phone: +1 (832) 533-8636

13. Uptown Dance Centre

Website: https://www.uptowndance.org/

Address: Uptown Dance Centre, 7417 Shadyvilla Lane, Houston, TX 77055

Phone: +1 713.686.0334

14. DivaDance® Houston

Website: https://www.facebook.com/DivaDanceHouston/

Address: 508 Pecore Street Houston, TX, US 77009

Phone: +1 936-228-9358

15. Amaya Dance

Website: http://www.amayadance.com/

Address: 1987 W T C Jester Blvd, Houston, TX 77008, United States

Phone: +1 713-231-8290

16. MoveNation Dance Academy

Website: https://www.movenationdanceacademy.com/

Address: 821-C Frostwood Dr, Houston, Tx 77024

Phone: +1 832-463-1994

17. Fred Astaire Dance Studios – River Oaks

Website: https://www.fredastaire.com/river-oaks/

Address: 3601 B Westheimer Road | Houston, TX 77027, USA

Phone:+1 713-871-1300

18. Skydreams Dance Studio

Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Dance-Studio/Sky-Dreams-Dance-Studio-505277866167658/

Address: 6219 Southwest Freeway (14,091.43 km), 77081-5505 Houston, TX, US

Phone: +1 832-235-6981

19. Break Free Hip-Hop School: SE Houston

Website: https://breakfreeworldwide.com/hip-hop-school/

Address: 9191 Winkler Dr.Suite D, Houston, TX 77017

Phone: +1 (832) 649-8096

20. Dance With Me Galleria

Website: https://dancewithmeusa.com/studio/houston-galleria-dance-studio/

Address: 5015 WESTHEIMER ROAD, SUITE A2429, HOUSTON, TX 77056

Phone: +1 713.360.3262

21. Ballet And Pilates by Victoria

Open up to a world of pirouettes and fine balance at Ballet And Pilates. Owned by instructor Victoria Simo, Ballet and Pilates inspires you to challenge your limits and explore your ultimate self. Here classes are offered for kids and adults at different levels. Here toddlers are groomed to learn the fine tips of balance and creativity right from the tender age of 18 months. Ballet classes for kids is split into 4 categories in which the dancers are engaged in the basics of ballet through imaginative world of fairy tales.

In the advanced levels students learn the fine skills and vocabulary of bar exercises and also learn to coordinate different ballet moves. The students at the end of the classes develop self-esteem, self-discipline and the ability to concentrate and collaborate to furnish their academic goals.Adult classes involve an invigorating session of Pilates, barre, stretching and ballet toning your physique, lifting your strength and flexibility.

Website: https://balletandpilates.com/

Address: 15544 Ridge Park Drive, Houston, TX 77095

Phone: +1 281.855.0255

22. Arthur Murray Dance Centers

Welcome to Arthur Murray Memorial dance studio where dance becomes your second language and you learn to hop and swirl indifferent dance styles like a pro. Be it a passion or an occasion Arthur Murray help you swagger like none other. Check out these dance styles Arthur Murray can teach at Arthur Murray-

Argentine Tango




Cha cha



Quick step



Lindy Hop


and many more that you can think of.Here they offer group and private lessons for kids and adults. The kids programs teaches your child all the life skills like-social etiquette, confidence, teamwork, motivation, self-control, problem solving and reliability through dance itself.If you plan to Wow your guests at your wedding day then the studio also has special wedding dance lessons for the big day!

Website: https://www.facebook.com/arthurmurraycypress/

Address: 9521 Huffmeister Rd, Houston, TX 77095Phone: +1 832.593.0090

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