The Best Dance Classes in Phoenix, Arizona, USA

dance classes in phoenix

If dance is more than moving feet and body to music to you than Welcome to Phoenix, the most sprawling and feisty city located in the South Western US.

Popular for its desert outback and cactus-strewn botanical gardens and home to some of Best Dance classes, we have complied list of Top Dance Classes in phoenix  

Somewhere between the scorching Sonoran desert, the mighty marbles of Grand Canyon and the solemn Saguaros. Phoenix is pulsating with vibrant street art and dance culture that keep the tourists totally hooked to the locales. 

Phoenix has more to explore than meets the eye. The city has a rich nerve of renaissance and creativity abound in diverse forms of arts. Phoenix is a smoldering cultural potpourri when it comes to dance scene with some of the iconic dance studios to hone your dancing skills and shape your future.

Let’s get a lowdown on some of the spunkiest dance studios to shake a leg in Phoenix, Arizona-

1. Bricks Studio

Bricks Dance studio, a unique studio which grooms you in cheer leading and dance located in the Arcadia neighborhood of Phoenix. Here classes are open for kids aged between 1 to 18 years old in Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Musical theater, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Mommy/Daddy & Me.  Bricks Studio have also won many awards for being one of best dance class in south west US.

Bricks has dedicated the first Tuesday of its month to little toddlers till 3 years tottering to the music in tippy toes. 4 to 5 year olds can learn a fusion of Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop, Pre-tumbling and Jazz dance genres to become a finished dancer. For 7 to 10 year olds there are classes in intermediate ballet, Jazz, Intermediate and Advanced acro. Musical theatre and tumbling to condition and groom towards advanced levels of dance.

11 to 18 year old get a foothold on advanced levels of Jazz, Ballet, Tap Hip Hop, Pom & /cheer, Acro/tumbling ready to perform on professional stage shows. Besides they also offer brownie dance badges to girl scouts, free Ballet master classes, free recital costumes for early registration and etiquette classes as bonus specials.

2. Encore Dance Center

Encore Dance center is a premier dance Coaching with state of the art facility where every student receives individual attention, respect and positive energy.  Here each and every student is groomed to believe and nourish their passion for dancing. And dance becomes an excellent medium of fitness, creative manifestation, self-expression and social interaction.

The students are trained under a faculty of mentors who are committed to develop the various niches of dancing styles irrespective of the talent levels. Students come here to learn Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Ballet, contemporary, tumbling, Break dance under hourly schedules per week.

 Classes are offered for 1 hour/week/ $40/ to 6 hours/week/ $180.

The charges increase according to the hours/per week you avail. You also get to choose an unlimited family package for 6.5+ hours/week/ $375.  A 10% family discount is available along with the first class of the session absolutely free!


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3.) Diverse Elements Dance Studio

When we go for Best dance classes in phoenix you will definitely listen about Step into the world of Diverse Elements, a place where you can sense and feel the diverse elements of dance. Under the patronage of mentors Mario and Melissa, who guide you towards an exciting journey on dance.

Mario and Melissa owe their success rate to high expectations, commitment and dedication towards their profession. Amazing faculty and students in their studio work in coordination to bring a positive change in the community at all times.

Diverse Elements invites students from diverse backgrounds and skill sets to learn Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Breaking, Technique. Ballet, Pointe and Pre-pointe in weekly sessions and rehearsals. They also offer specialized group sessions for Pom and cheer, technique, stretching and conditioning. Students are placed in different slots based on their performance levels to sync in a single or a fusion of dance styles. 

At Diverse Elements Mario and Melissa simply swear by the logic, “Hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard”. The entire facility is equipped with 3 studios, wooden and Marley floors, large mirrors, mats for tumbling, changing rooms, kitchen and vending machines.

Private lessons are offered for individual dancers and the first class is absolutely free!

4.) Dance Is Life Studios

Dance Is Life studios was born with the mission to foster creativity in a fun and safe environment for students of all ages. 

Here dancers are first introduced to the basic techniques of Plie( landing), Saute (jumping) and Balance( equilibrium) which forms the core of different dance genres.

Under the flagship of owners Yesenia and Stacy Rodriguez, Dance Is Life strives to drive the passion in you, instill confidence and achieve your full potential as a dancer.

Dance Is Life inspires students of all ages to enroll in dance lessons and believes that it’s never too late to start dancing. Here the students get to explore the different genres like Hip Hop, Ballet, Modern and Stretch/tumbling. If you’re a beginner then the first class is free!

For Dance Is life, dance is more than a movement, it’s an expression of emotion and an excellent stress buster.

rhumba by couple

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5.) Evolve Dance And Fitness-

Evolve Dance and Fitness is a studio committed to deliver flawless execution of dance styles and high level fitness for all its members.

 Its tagline “Movement Is our lifestyle” says more before we actually experience the fluidity and passion involved in its training of popular dance styles.

Evolve Dance and Fitness offers you a warm, friendly and family oriented ambience. Where your kids can express themselves comfortably via different dance genres. You get to learn about the history of dance, along with its techniques which help you to tone your physique and sharpen your social skills.

After a rigorous and energetic dance session you feel charged up and happy!

Dance classes here are open for kids aged between 2 to 18 involving Acro, Hip Hop, Ballet, contemporary, Jazz and lyrical dance styles. 

Registration for premium fitness classes is open under Evolve Cardio, Evolve Yoga, Evolve Core, Evolve Strong and the favorite Hustle and Flow classes!

New classes are invited to try a week of free classes before hopping in the fitness bandwagon! Evolve Dance and Fitness aims to build a strong, active, healthy community.

6.)Ballet Theater Of Phoenix

Welcome to Ballet theatre of Phoenix, a studio which gives your child all the attention to evolve as an artist and a performer.

 Under the guidance of our trained faculty, students find a soothing expression of their souls via flawless ballet movements.

Ballet Theatre of Phoenix strictly adheres to the American Ballet Theatre curriculum (ABT). A program that incorporates the traditional elements of French, Italian and Russian school of ballet.

Ballet theatre of Phoenix currently offers two programs for the students-

  • Children’s program
  • Classical Ballet program

The Children’s program focuses on preparing the body for fundamental kinesthetic, artistry, elegance. And develop the classroom etiquettes needed to graduate into the Classical Ballet program.

The Classical Ballet program trains the student to get a deeper understanding of Ballet, such that they can use their bodies as instruments and hone their skills to reach the full potential.

This is the platform for them to build an artistic intuition which sets their future into the world of professional ballet.

There are different classes meant for different performance levels.

7.) Juice Box Dance Academy

As the name suggests juice Box Dance Academy is a premier dance studio. Established in the year 2010 that offers quality dance education for all ages.

The students receive special attention, technique, care and a comfortable environment to express their interests and emotions through dance. Our professional mentors groom the students to increase awareness of their bodies which helps them to perform with full potential.

The studio is fully equipped with 2 lobbies, 3 dance rooms, study area, viewing windows and a friendly environment.

Juice Box Academy gives you unique platform to participate in community events and dance competitions. Here you can explore a range of dance forms to express your dancing talents-

8.) Desert Star Dance

Desert Star Dance is a studio that is counted in best dance classes in phoenix because it strives to build confidence, grace and artistry among its students. For Desert Star Dance the student is always star. 

Here the dedicated and brilliant faculty teaches how to maintain a fine balance between creativity and discipline to ensure the students leave with a smile and positive attitude.

 Desert star believes it’s important to influence kids to work hard and give their best without losing the fun part of dance.  We follow age appropriate rules when it comes to dance movement, training, music and costume.

Our classes are organized according to age and skill levels and you get to enjoy as many classes as you want for first week as beginners until you choose which dance style suits you the best. The classes are divided into 4 age groups-

  • Preschool (ages 3 to 5)
  • Mini ( ages 5 to 7)
  • Junior (ages 7 to 11)
  • Teen (ages 11 and up)

The students entertain themselves to an energetic session of Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Pointe, Contemporary, Tap and Musical theater. We have a special summer Break Fairy tale Princess dance camp for the preschoolers and you don’t want to miss out on this colorful extravaganza!

Before you get lost in the spontaneous and festive charm of the desert oasis that envelops Phoenix, you will certainly pick up pieces of its cultural tapestry from one of these magnificent studios which reflect the passion and heritage of Phoenix.

So summing up with these were the best dance classes in phoenix, Arizona. Please share your valuable feedback with us.

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