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Best Dance Studios in Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Below is the list of the top dance studios in Nashville, Tennessee. The list is in no particular order and been curated for dance students and aspirants looking for the best dance classes in Nashville, TN.

If you’re a country music fan then Nashville, Tennessee is definitely the best place to tune into for best dance studios. No wonder it’s known as the music city peppered with dances studios and home to a community fiercely driven by a desire to create. It’s known for hot chicken, country music and legendary Johnny Cash. There are so many interesting facts that shifts the focus our Nashville.

It was here back in 1907 that President Theodore Roosevelt after sipping Maxwell House coffee coined the phrase, ”Good to the Last Drop”. The city also holds the status of “The Athens of the South” due to the full size replica of the Parthenon built in 1897. But what could be the better way to explore Nashville than stepping into the Best Dance Studios at Nashville, Tennessee-

1. The Dancer Project-

Founded by Director Jennifer Drake, The Dancer Project envisions a world of dance more inclusive and healthy for the dance enthusiasts. The Dancer Project is a studio which seeks equanimity among dancers from diverse cultural and social backgrounds. Here all the students receive a chance for self-expression. The studio strives to create space for everyone who want to have fun, create positive energy, relax and inspire through dance.

The Dancer Project provides quality and affordable dance training for all age groups. Students are free to choose any dance genre based on their interests which include-creative movement, pre-ballet, Ballet, Pre-pointe, Pointe, variations, contemporary and stretch. The studio is also involved in community outreach programs to bring empowerment through performing arts.

The classes are split into different categories-

  • Community division(Adult)
  • Community division (Youth)
  • Pre Ballet 1
  • Pre Ballet 2
  • Creative Movement
  • Lower Level
  • Upper Level

2. Studio Goddess

Studio Goddess is Nashville’s first one of a kind center for empowerment of adult women through creative dance lessons. Since its inception Studio Goddess has maintained the reputation of dance training in a safe and supportive environment. Studio Goddess has brought a revolution as Nashville’s first female focused fitness facility in aerial, pole and dance fitness lessons.

The studio has bagged many national and international recognitions for its unique approach to provide women a creative platform to move their bodies.

Studio Goddess has stuck to its reputation of providing safe and dynamic environment for women to explore various dance genres regardless of experience. The instructors here encourage and inspire the students to create their own authentic movements in style.

The classes here are based on the fundamental movement techniques using essential kinesiology and biomechanics principle. The techniques also incorporates basic principles of ballet, circus, yoga, aerial arts, Pilates and gymnastics.

You can sign up for a monthly membership of $39. Single dance/fitness class for $15 and single pole/aerial class for $ 25.

2. Burlingame School of Dance

Formerly known as Julie’s School of Dance, the Burlingame school of dance was founded in 2010. It was an initiative by Michelle Burlingame to offer quality dance instruction in a family friendly atmosphere. She wanted to build a studio with the vision to strengthen the dance community in Nashville region.

Burlingame School of dance provides a competitive and uniform platform of expression for all students irrespective of their social status or ability.

The studio offers an environment where the students can wear age appropriate clothing and can reach their maximum potential with effortless ease.

Students of different age groups can opt to train in selected dance genres according to their skill levels. They can choose from Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, Tumbling, Lyrical and Jazz.

You can register either for $200 per week or $ 50 per day and get 20 % off for a second family member.

3. Bellevue Dance Center

Welcome to Bellevue Dance center, one of the most authentic dance studios offering dance lessons for all ages from 3 years in a creative and nurturing environment. BDC unleashes the hidden dance potential of your child, it is more than just a dance studio. Bellevue is committed to reach excellence in dance standards to enhance the overall development of the child.

Under the supervision of highly qualified and nurturing teachers the students here can explore dance of various genres. The studio is well equipped with all the infrastructure and skills to prepare your child for future performances.

Besides dance the expert faculty in the studio also helps to build confidence, life skills and a safe artistic expression among the students. The studio offers a range of dance styles to choose from like Jazz, Ballet, Tap and contemporary. The focus is mainly on developing coordination, increased motor skills, structure, listening and social interaction through dance.

The studio is spread out over a sprawling 8000 square feet area with 4 large studios, hard wood floors, a large lobby and window for enhanced view.

4. Dance in Bloom

Welcome to Dance Bloom a studio with a blossoming dance legacy to be proud of. It’s voted as one of the best dance studios in Nashville which aims at building self-confidence, discipline and creativity in a fun and energetic environment. Here the students incorporate the finest techniques of dance from top notch instructors and turn dance into a reviving experience.

The studio offers quality dance training to all age groups with a diversified approach involving multiethnic groups, engaged in the empowerment of the community.

It strives for excellence in dance with a vision to establish its students for recreation and professional performances. Under the guidance of its talented faculty the studio trains students of varying skill levels helps them reach their true potential. You can sign up for either summer or fall classes with some exciting offers to pick from.

The studio extends over a 3000 square feet facility with two large studios, a spacious lobby with large windows and circuit cameras to ensure security.

Fueled by the passion and encouragement of their instructors the students can explore an eclectic range of dance styles from Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Modern and Tumbling. Students can either opt for recreational classes or dance company classes starting from $ 50 /month to $140 /month.

5. Malone Dance Studios

If you’re looking for an uplifting dance experience under highly trained professionals then come to Malone Dance studios. The studio has been offering quality dance training since 1998. The students here are trained by professionals with over 50 years of experience who are experts in age appropriate development, proper technique and skill wise training of dancers.

Malone studios serves as a pioneer in dance education heralded by leading dance instructors  who train the students in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Ethnic, Pointe, Hip Hop, Modern, Acro, Lyra, Tumbling and Aerial skills.

Students enrolled in Malone are exposed to various public performances like the Nashville’s Aerial skills program and international cultural exchange program. These programs have received an overwhelming response and success in providing a unique opportunity for people of diverse ethnic and social backgrounds.

The studio encourages its students to participate in competitions and establish new standards of excellence. It also help build confidence and promote teamwork.

6. Dancity Productions

Founded in 2017 Dancity is the brainchild of choreographer Bianca Bowens who has more than 20 years of experience in this profession. It is in the reflection of Bianca’s unusual dream that today a team of aspiring dancers are able to experience and share their immense passion for dance.

At Dancity students of all ages and abilities are invited to benefit competitive performance opportunities with quality training. It motivates students to grow while instilling core values of discipline, creativity, confidence and self –respect.

The amazing team of instructors here encourages dancers to embrace dance either as a recreational outlet or a profession. In the process the dancers find also discover a physical and emotional sense of being.

Students are invited to join in Dancity’s exclusive Summer Fest to learn Tumbling, Acro, Hip Hop and Technique. You can sign up for a drop in class in $25 before you start a new session at Dancity.

7. Baila Dance Studio

Baila is a unique dance platform meant for kids and adults with a mission to integrate the community through culture and physical activity. Baila runs two sessions of classes-Fall and Spring to ensure the students and teachers get enough rest between schedules.

The studio serves students aged between 7 to 13 years and adults.

Baila presents its students a high quality dance environment in a friendly an energetic ambience with instructors who bring out the best in them.

Here classes are designed as per the convenience of students based on their level of skills and interests.

The studio charges a nominal registration fees of $5 which is due at the start of session and fees can be paid on per class or per month basis.

The students can opt for the following lessons-

a. Folklore -$30/month or $120 per cycle.

b. Chinese Kung FU-$40/month or $160/cycle

c. Cardio-$5/class.

8. Artistry In Motion

Welcome to Artistry in Motion, an ultimate place for dancers for all ages which connects ideas and movements in one single thread. Here students find themselves in a friendly atmosphere exploring and juggling through various genres of dance which grooms them for a successful dancing career.

Classes are taught by extremely talented dance virtuosos who have years of experience in dance and demonstrate calmness and patience towards training their students.

Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop and Ballet are the genres of dance students can pursue either for recreational or professional purpose.

The students can find themselves comfortable in the larges studio space and picture the fine elements of dance with all the hard work and discipline that makes it one of the top rated studios in town.

Each student can learn dance at their own pace with focus on the different dance techniques, rhythm, musical sense and flexibility with gradual practice sessions.

9. New Boots Line Dancing

Get the most innovative moves in Line Dancing at New Boots Line Dancing. New Boots offers boutique dance classes for its students from diverse communities in a most fun filled and charged environment. Students can pick any dance genre of their choice and learn at their own pace in a relaxed environment. It is also the most happening and vibrant social interaction spot for all the newbies. Under the guidance and supervision of talented instructors the dancers unleash their creative streaks and find the path to self-discovery. The best part is that the studio offers a final video of your routine recording the entire journey of your training.

Nashville is a city which never lets you down with its hunky dory ambience and live country music to keep your wanderlust alive. But you can always take your love for music a few notches higher by plugging into the best dance studios at Nashville Tennessee.

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