Best Dance Studios in El Paso-Texas, USA

El Paso Dance Studios

If you really wish to dig into the Wild West then welcome to EL Paso Texas to find some music and throbbing dance studios.

There can’t be a better introduction to El Paso Texas then finding the best dance studios and strumming the guitar to the tunes of Marty Robbins classic country song “El Paso.”

Challenge your adventurous spirit across the across 24,247 acres of arid desert beauty and indulge in daring bout of climbing, hiking, wildlife and camping and at the spectacular Franklin Mountains State Park.

But if you have really fallen for this amazing city then don’t forget to check out some of the Best Dance Studios in El Paso, Texas-

1) Premier Studios

Welcome to Premier studios your one stop place to learn all kinds of dance styles.

At Premier studios believes in creating wellness of body, spirit and mind.

It encourages students to explore their creativity by providing them a unique platform to grow their dance skills. Its prime focus remains dance, yoga, tumbling and general fitness.

The faculty of qualified instructors here helps students to reach their true potential. The studio specialize and trains students in Ballet, Jazz, lyrical and Hip and include students from age group 3 and above.

2) El Paso Ballroom Dance Academy

If you’re looking for the finest in Ballroom dancing then step into the world of EL Paso Ballroom Dance Academy celebrating dancing excellence for the last 25 years.

The studio expertise in private dance events as well as social dance parties and strives to bring out the best in the students to elevate their confidence and sense of rhythm.

This training facility accepts students of all skill levels from beginner to advanced levels in a variety of dancing styles namely-

  • Ballroom
  • Swing
  • Waltz
  • Latin
  • Cha Cha
  • Rumba
  • Tango
  • Salsa
  • Country western.

Here the private lessons offer the best opportunity to refine your dancing skills as you get personalized attention to step up your technique, vocabulary and partnering skills.

If you’re a groupie then you can also opt for a 55 minute group lesson.

It also conducts dance lessons for workshops, parties and fundraisers.

3) Champion Dance Studio

Welcome to Champion Dance studio, a studio with state of the art facility that has been defining the local dance scene for last 30 years.

The brilliant faculty trains the students in a nurturing and fun loving atmosphere to help them reach their maximum potential in different dance genres.

The studio welcomes you in its grand lobby with large observation windows and its specially made floating dance floors allows students to enjoy a stress free dance session.

A friendly staff at the reception is always ready to answer all your queries.

The studio accepts students of different dance levels from beginners to advanced to be trained in following styles-

  • Ballet
  • Follk lorico
  • Tap
  • Gymnastics
  • Music theatre
  • Jazz
  • Martial arts.

The  programs are directed by professional instructors with years of experience. Champion studio offers variety of classes for different family members to save time travel between classes.

rhumba by couple

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4) On Pointe Ballet Academy

At On Pointe Ballet Academy students with little or no ballet experience are welcome to learn different dance styles. Here the students are trained in a relaxed environment at a comfortable pace.

Under the coaching from learned instructors the students gain confidence, improve posture and social skills which helps them later in life.

You can begin your journey at On Pointe Ballet through three easy steps-

  • Get a personalized tour of its facility to learn in detail about the classes and enrolment options.
  • Purchase the trial classes for four weeks.
  • Enroll in the classes of your choice once you’ve selected which dance genre suits you the best.

The students are exposed to areas which helps them conquer their fears and learn the fine techniques of ballet.

5)  Artistic Stylz 2 Dance Studio

Step into the world of Artistic Stylz 2 dance studio where instructors introduce you to a whole new world of dance and also teach you the fundamental steps and techniques of each style of dance.

Here are the following categories and styles of dance offered here at Artistic Stylz 2 Dance Studio-

  • Baby bunniez-This class is meant for ages 18 months to 3 years that builds strength and motor skills while teaching fundamentals of dance and gymnastics.
  • Twinkle toes-Meant for ages 3 to 5 years this class it teaches you the fundamentals of jazz, flamenco and gymnastics.
  • Shining Stars– This class teaches the strengthening techniques of ballet and is meant for ages 5 to 7 years.
  • Technique Ballet-

Ages 7 and older teaches advanced level of twinkle toes.

  • Lyrical contemporary-This is meant for ages 8 and older.
  • Jazz-Ages seven and older teaches fast and fun dance movements.
  • Aerial Dance-

This class is meant for ages 6 and older with quirky stretching movements in air.

  • Adult dance-

This class is meant for Ballroom dance, Flamenco, Adult dance, Latin and Salsa.

6) Elite Academy of Dance

Welcome to Elite Academy of Dance, the studio which provides the finest quality training in dance and it specializes in providing interesting and educational experience for children between ages 3 and above. Students here are exposed to the high quality dance training and build their self-esteem in a fun and friendly environment.

Under the brilliant guidance of its Director Patti Lara, Elite Academy incorporates the spirit of responsibility, team work, respectability and dedication among its students.

Students come to learn a variety of dance styles from Ballet,jive, Jazz, Tap and contemporary with complex feet movements, rhythm, coordination and confidence.

Besides these is a particular Ballet-Jazz and Ballet Tap combo for more creativity and grace.

Elite Academy and its bright galaxy of talents has won many accolades and prizes in competitions.

7) El Paso Performing Arts Center

Welcome to El Paso Performing Arts Center, a studio dedicated to achieve exceptional standards in dance. Here the dancers learn to hone their dancing skills under the training of qualified instructors in a nurturing environment to reach the helm of artistic excellence.

El Paso performing Arts has been creating milestones since 2006 with the sincere mission of guiding its students through various competitions and events in and around El Paso. Students of different skill levels are chosen according to their performance and level of interests for specific dance genres.

Dancers 3 years and above can enroll either for recreational or competitive dance purpose. The instructors ensure dancers reach their maximum potential with grace and energy and develop confidence for their future realms.

Students can explore various dance genres like-Ballroom, Contemporary, High kick, Acrobatics, Ballet, Jazz and Hip Hop.

For toddlers to learn the fundamentals of dance classes called M & Ms are held.

Charges for 1st dancer class is $ 50 and 2nd dancer class is $30 with $20 for additional class.

8) Motion Head Quarters

Motion Headquarters is one of the best dance studios in El Paso, Texas where the students learn to have fun and share the universal language of dance in and outside the studio. At Motion Headquarters the students feel like one large family and share a wonderful relation with the faculty members who are in charge of training students in various dance styles.

The studio sets an example of aesthetic and artistic excellence in dance. It participates in various community outreach programs with a diversified approach to bring communities together through the passion for dance.

The students who come here go back with an enriching experience for body and soul. Students can engage themselves in learning Ballroom, Contemporary, Heels and Hip Hop.

Motion headquarters is a place where dancers help each other support and grow.

The studio helps create memories through its mission-show support, spread love and do everything with passion.

9) Dance Works

At El Paso Dance Works, Dance training is a medium of both exercise and creativity to keep your spirits high.

The studio is specialized in teaching, Ballet, Argentine Tango, Country and Swing to its students.

Under the guidance of devoted and certified instructors the students can accomplish all their dancing goals with ease.

Once ready the students can easily participate in competitions and performances with confidence. The studio also offers wedding choreography and private lessons.

Dance works also offers free workshops and lessons on special occasions.

10) Desert Eagle Productions

Desert Eagle Productions is a premier dance studio in the south west region that strives to bridge the gap between recreation and profession.

DEP is a family oriented dance studio committed to fair excellence in dance education across communities.

The prolific mentors of the studio faculty touch and guide the students to help them connect to their inner self. Each instructor has 20 years of instructional and dance industry experience to his credit.

With passion, persistence and discipline the students are groomed to match industry standards.

There are different dance styles to choose from as per the students’ performance levels and interests’ like-Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Heels, Tumbling, Contemporary, Sassy Funk and musical theatre.

To encourage the youth to act positively and lead with love the studio conducts the Bridge training program to train the students intensively for professional performances.


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