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Best Dance Studios in Detroit, Michigan, USA

Below is the list of the top dance studios in Detroit, Michigan. The list is in no particular order and been curated for dance students and aspirants looking for the best dance classes in Detroit, MI.

Detroit is the second largest city after Chicago in the Midwest and the largest city on the US- Canada metropolitan border and also home to some thriving dance studios.

Not only is Detroit famous for its bustling motor industry, dance studios, but its history has more firsts and great innovations that remain unknown.

The city brought to limelight some of the music legends like Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder, pop icons like Madonna, Aretha Franklin, Kid Rock and Eminem.

But if you wanna give your travelomania a new edge then check out the best dance studios in Detroit, Michigan-

1) Motor City Dance Factory

Motor City street dance Academy is one of a kind dance studio that spreads healthy living and physical activity among the Detroiters.

Its prime goal is to uplift the downtrodden communities of Detroit and give them an identity for existence through dance. MCDF is an exclusive dance studio where the students strive to achieve the best both in and out of the classroom.

Whether you’re looking for a recreational purpose, trying to meet your fitness goals or waiting to build a grand professional career, the studio offers the premier dance education at all levels.

It offers dance lessons in genres ballet, tap, jazz, modern, West African, Hip Hop and boy’s gymnastics. MCDF also offers special level classes for various age groups for which prior approval is needed.

Here the youngest learners belong to the age group 18 months to 3 years who are taught basic coordination through gymnastics.
Even adults get to explore their talents through various genres of dance from Ballet, Hip Hop, Zumba, Kickboxing, Power Hour liturgical and West African dance forms.

MCDF even organizes Flip factory dance classes at various levels.

2) Detroit Windsor Dance Academy

Detroit Windsor Dance Academy is an organization that celebrates its 34th season of dance striving to provide excellence in dance to Detroit’s international community.

Detroit Windsor Dance Academy has maintained its artistic legacy to promote skill, grace, strength, elegance and passion through its team of multi-talented dancers.

Founded by renowned Detroiters, Bruce Hunt and Debra-White Hunt, DWDA is an internationally acclaimed Dance studio training students between ages 2 to 90 years.

The studio train students in genres Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, rhumba, Modern, Contemporary and Liturgical praise and worship

It has a special 8 week free Zumba classes and 2 free Yoga classes for new members. To fill up your boredom it also organizes summer camps with full day dance programs divided into two age groups-

  • Intermediate (ages 9 to 12)
  • Seniors (ages 13 to 16)

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3) The Dance Academy

Welcome to The Dance Academy, a dance studio with a difference where the dancecurriculum covers a wide range of dance genres from pre-school to pre professional levels.

The facility offers the best services and infrastructure for the students to have a rare and extraordinary dancing experience.

It has an exclusive floating floor created with high density foam which act as shock absorbers to prevent injuries during dance. The studio has a prompt customer service for hassle free payment and sales information needed at all hours.

It has a highly trained not only with artistic skills but also in identifying the weak points and hurdles the dancers face during training.

The Dance Academy offers classes in the following categories of dance-

  • Ballet
  • Tap
  • Jazz
  • Hip Hop
  • Zumbini
  • Hawaiian
  • Contemporary
  • Pointe

And most importantly it has special needs dance program called the Rhythm. Works Integrative Dance, for kids with special needs like autism, Down syndrome, sensory processing disorder and other learning disabilities.

Also,a Ninja Warrior fitness class for fitness freak kiddos between ages 5 to 12.
It also has a competitive dance program for which auditions are hosted for
students interested in testing their dancing skills, with prior approval from
the competition instructor.

4) Karen’s School Of Dance

Explore and learn a new language of dance at Karen’s school of Dance, where dancers come to expand their dimensions of talent through different genres of dance. Here each and every student under the umbrella of qualified instructors gets an opportunity to carve a niche for themselves by learning proper technique, confidence and creativity through art of dance.

Whether you’re looking for recreational, competitive or pre-professional training Karen’s help you trust and fulfill its motto of “Dream, Believe and Achieve”.

The studio trains students in genres-Jazz, Ballet/Pointe, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Musical Theatre and special programs like Technique, Star Babies, Sweethearts, Dance line, Company and Competition designed for various skill levels.

Its Star Babies program is a uniquely designed for young dancers who learn Ballet, Jazz and Tap through various holiday themed craft learn tumbling, stretching and acrobatics to gain flexibility, strength and balance in dance.

Karen’s School of Dance has a special Platinum Potential fitness program to enhance your strength, flexibility and endurance through a wide range of fitness regimes like Zumba, Conditioning, Bands, Cardio/Kickboxing, Adult Ballet, Toning and Foam Roller exercises.

The studio instills teamwork and camaraderie among dancers so that they can appreciate mutual love for dance and find lifetime achievement through dance.

5) Studio Detroit Dance Center

Founded by talented dance artist Angels Blocker Studio Detroit Dance center has it all that’s necessary to find your grip in the dance profession.

Studio Detroit serves the Detroit community together with dancers of all skill levelscreating a reciprocal learning experience.

Studio Detroit feels proud to share its motto, ”Let the city Be your stage.” Here the ambitious and close-knit team of instructors can help your little ones realize their untapped potential for creative expression.

The studio is open to enroll kids aged 2 onwards who are exposed to the professional training from seasoned instructors who create a magical chemistry with the students. Students can enroll themselves in the following genres of dance here:

  • Adult
  • Lyrical
  • Modern
  • Lyrical
  • African dance
  • Acrobatics
  • Tumbling
  • Hip Hop

You can try a drop in class for just $15!

6) Lincoln Park Dance Company

Lincoln Park Dance Company is a non-profit dance company that strives to serve the community with educational performances in art of dance.

It is committed to provide quality dance training to all of its students in a funloving family oriented atmosphere, by its proud team of dedicated professionals. The studio focusses on the traditional art forms of dance as well as the contemporary dance styles.

Lincoln Park Dance Company tries to build an environment where all the dancers can flourish and get an equal opportunity to perform at the community events, annual recitals, hospitals, fairs and workshops to manifest their talents and dedication for the community.

The studio also invites guest artists to enrich the students with the latest dance styles and remain on top of the dance game.

The students are trained here in the following dance styles-

  1. Hip Hop
  2. Ballet
  3. Acrobatics
  4. Tap
  5. Hawaiian
  6. Jazz
  7. Baton
  8. Contemporary
  9. Pom
  10. Musical theatre

The studio even has dance classes for special needs students and competitions.

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7) Jeannie Zimbalatti’s School Of Dance

Welcome to the spotlight of Jeannie Lambatti’s School Of Dance, a premier dance facility committed to the art of dance since 1977. At the plush studio with all the dance equipment, its dedicated staff toils to provide highest quality dance training and prepare the students for future performances.

Jeannie Zimbalatti’s School of Dance is committed to provide an equal opportunity to all the dancers and have an enriching, rewarding, inspiring and memorable in future. Here the students discover their joy for dance and through equal opportunity in a nurturing environment, they garner a sense of achievement and self-esteem.
The student can sign in a curriculum in a wide range of dance styles to learn from:

  • Creative movement
  • Jazz
  • Hip Hop
  • Tap
  • Pointe
  • Ballet
  • Lyrical
  • Dance with disabilities

JZ dance company is meant for more professional and high quality performances for students who want to raise the bar and taste the competition world.

8) 3D Dance Academy

Also known as Dancing Divas and Divos Academy, 3d dance academy is a non-profit organization designed to promote fun, energy and motivation through the art of dance.

The dance studio is meant to serve the community by offering an affordable dance curriculum which caters to the youths and adults of different dancing abilities.

Truly justifying its name 3D dance academy nurtures the different dimensions through dance-It nourishes, boosts and develops high self- esteem in youths and adults.

It provides the best way to positively utilize time through dance. It survives with the motto, “Lace up your life, go out and perform.”

3d dance academy also offers after school programs for interested schools. The students come here to learn the following dance genres:

  • Ballet
  • Hip Hop
  • Jazz/Funk
  • Tumbling
  • Gymnastics
  • Modern
  • Cheer
  • Company rehearsal

You can sign up with $25 registration fees and single class of $40 to $ 125 for 5 classes.

9) Li’l Dumplings

Welcome to another dance studio where little children discover theexcitement in the art of dance through fun and play. At L’il dumplings the faculty creates a unique educational space for children who want to follow their passion for dance in an energetic and nurturing environment.

Lil Dumplings ensures that little cherubs can grow in a peaceful and synergetic environment through the peaceful medium of dance. Under the guidance of Shirel Jones, L’il Dumplings has become a platform where students can find solace by self-expression.

The studio offers special ballet and rhythm movement classes either drop in or 6 week session.

10) Xtreme Danceworks

If you’ve always wanted to realize your extreme passion in dance then Xtreme Danceworks is the place to be.

If your little girls have had big dreams then this is the best place to make it happen. Here your child discovers the essentials of dance training in a nurturing and positive environment. This is a place where students develop life long relations with their peers and learn important life skills. Here your kids learn some of the core values such as pride, respect, responsibility, dedication and commitment as they learn new skills in a highly motivated environment.

Here your child’s imagination takes flight and their self-confidence soars as they find their capabilities reach new horizons. Children are trained here in the following genres of dance styles:

  • Lyrical
  • Contemporary
  • Hip Hop
  • Leaps and Turns
  • Musical theatre
  • Pointe
  • Jazz
  • Cirque
  • Ballet
  • Acrobatics

It doesn’t matter if you get mushy over your swanky vintage car to feel a spark of the motor capital or get lost in your good old Stevie Wonder number.

Detroit is the big D and while you sync in don’t forget to hop in to one of the Best Dance Studios in Detroit, Michigan.

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