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Sokkie Dance From South Africa

The Sokkie dance from South Africa is also known as ‘Langarm’ in the Afrikaans language. This “social ballroom dance” is said to have originated in South Africa, and is said to be extremely popular with the Afrikaners. This dance style may either be performed barefoot or with socks. Furthermore, this dance style is often referred to either as the dance of love” or “the dance of sex. In addition, this dance style, apart from “Sokkie music”, can also be performed to the beats of several other musical genres such as hip-hop, trance, country, and pop.

a. History and origin of Sokkie Dance:

It is said that this dance style was created and then further developed from formal farm gatherings that occurred frequently in South Africa among the Afrikaners. Furthermore, it is also said that this dance was created by fusing elements from the Two-Step, Waltz, the Barn Dance, and the American Sock-Hop.

b. Costumes used in the Sokkie Dance:

Since this dance is mainly performed in “nightclubs” casual wear and a pair of shoes is generally what is worn by a performer.



c. Music involved in the Sokkie Dance:

This dance form can be danced to several musical genres such as hip-hop, trance, country, and pop, and hence does not require any specific kind of music. A few successful English songs are translated into “Afrikaans,” the language used to perform this dance style, and are known as “Sokkie music.” English songs can be played for those participating and can perform solo on Sokkie Dance.

d. Training availability and technique involved in the Sokkie Dance:

In terms of technique, this dance basically fuses elements belonging to several other styles, such as the two-step, swing, boogie, waltz, the barn dance, American Sock-Hop, and social foxtrot/quickstep. In South Africa, since this “ballroom dance” is essentially performed, there are very few training centers/schools available around the world in South Africa.

e. Things to consider before attending Sokkie Dance

  • Couples or single students can learn
  • There is no specific dress code; simply be comfortable and wear closed-toe shoes. 
  • No previous dance experience is needed
  • All fitness levels 
  • No age limit

f. Sokkie Dance tutorial videos:

g. Some Sokkie dance videos:

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