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Top Dance Studios in Dallas, Texas, USA

Looking for the top dance studios in Dallas, Texas? Dance culture is widely in vogue all over the United States. From street Hip Hop to Ball Room dance, there is a dance form for every occasion. Following the trends, more and more people are adopting dance for socializing and recreation.

Dance has also evolved as a fitness regime, with a number of dance styles developed to target various health needs such as weight loss and cardio.

And over and above, the dance reality shows have added much glamour quotient to this art form, which has further induced affinity for this multifaceted and dynamic artistry.

Consequently, there has been a surge in number of dance studios to meet the requirements of ever growing dance aspirants all over the country.

Dallas also is a home to various state of the art dance studios with adept instructors and highly motivated students.

Here is a list of top 10 dance studio in Dallas that are fully equipped to meet your dance aspirations:

  1. Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Plano
  2. Arthur Murray Dance Studios of Dallas 
  3. Preston Hollow Dance
  4. Park Cities Studios 
  5. Studio B
  6. Alpha Midway Dance Studio
  7. Studio 22: A Ballroom and Social Dance Club 
  8. Oak Cliff Dance
  9. Contemporary Ballet Dallas
  10.  Kitty Carter’s Dance Factory
  11. Ruby Room Studio 
  12. Apex Dance and Performing Arts 
  13. Creation Station Dance 
  14. HOF Dance Center
  15. Preston Center Dance
  16. Salsabysal Dance Studio of Salsa, Bachata, and Cumbia
  17. Arabesque Studio of Dance 
  18. DivaDance North Dallas
  19. The Rhythm Room Ballroom Dance Studio
  20. Power BAR Women’s Fitness Pole Dance and Pole Parties 

1. Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Plano, TX

Website: https://arthurmurraygrapevine.com/dance-lessons/    

Address: 3001 Spring Creek Pkwy, Plano, TX 75023, United States 

Phone: +1 972-312-1262

2. Arthur Murray Dance Studios of Dallas, TX

Arthur Murray Dance Center, Dallas, Texas

Arthur Murray Dance Center is a well renowned name in the dancing arena.This dance studio in Dallas center has some of the finest professional instructors who can teach you to dance like a pro, even if you are a first time dancer.

With well customised one to one dance lessons, learning to dance is fun and exciting at Arthur Murray. The highly trained mentors ensure a positive and secure environment where you can learn a lot in a short amount of time.

So, if your wedding dance is going to be your first time to hit the dance floor, then Arthur Murray Dance Centre is the place for you to learn the most striking moves to shine at the occasion.

Website: https://dancedfw.com/ 

Address: Dance Studio in Dallas 6256 LBJ Freeway Dallas, TX 75240

Phone: +1 972-312-1262

3. Preston Hollow Dance

Website: https://www.prestonhollowdance.com/ 

Address: Preston Hollow Dance, 3720 Walnut Hill Lane, Suite 205, Dallas, Texas 75229

Phone: (214) 351-1690

4. Park Cities Studios 

Website: http://www.parkcitiesdance.com/ 

Address: 7979 Inwood Rd #101, Dallas, TX 75209, United States

Phone: 214-357-8888

5. Studio B

Website: https://studiob-dallas.com/ 

Address: Studio B, 2108 Kidwell Street, Dallas, TX 75214 US

Phone: (214) 826-3800

6. Alpha Midway Dance Studio

Alpha Midway Dance Studio, Dallas, Texas

Alpha Midway Dance Studio, Dallas, provides a fun dance environment with supportive staff and highly skilled instructors. 

The Dance studio specialises in social dancing and has an array of choices for you to opt for your favourite dance form.

For kids of ages 6- 12, it offers dance classes in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Acro Dance, Hip Hop, Latin Dance, while for adults they conduct group as well as private classes in Salsa + Bachata, Cumbia, Pole Fitness, Kizomba. The dance studio also offers private wedding dance classes. If you are a working adult, you can avail of their evenings and weekend classes.

They offer dance lessons in four levels- Absolute Beginner, Improver, Intermediate and Advance through well structured classes.

Website: https://www.dancestudiodallas.com/ 

Address: 13740 Midway Rd. 710, Dallas, Texas 75244

Phone: (877) 797-2572

7. Studio 22: A Ballroom and Social Dance Club 

Studio 22, Dallas, Texas is a great place to learn dance with highly trained professionals teaching many different styles of partner dancing from beginner, to advanced, to competitive levels.

The studio is a beautiful 6200-square foot dance facility with 4600 square feet of dance floor space accommodating over 100 group classes, nightly practice sessions and social parties. Studio 22 has Dallas’ top instructors proficient in various styles including Ballroom, Latin, Salsa, Swing, Argentine Tango, and Country Western.

These styles of partner dancing are taught from beginner, to advanced, to competitive levels. In addition to group classes, the instructors also conduct private lessons, wedding lessons, and youth classes.

In spite of the exclusive dance environment and highly skilled instructors, Studio 22 offers dance lessons at an affordable rate.

8. Oak Cliff Dance

Oak Cliff Dance, Dallas, Texas offers a variety of dance classes which include ballet, contemporary, hip hop, jazz, tap, and technique for ages 2 and up.

Starting from pre- beginners the studio conducts classes for every level. The studio also runs gymnastic classes and conducts 8 weeks of camp throughout the summer with different themes.

They also offer students to join their award-winning Oak Cliff Dance Company to participate in local performances and competitions. These students take 2-6 classes per week to increase their technique and artistry. 

Website: https://studiooakcliff.com/ 

Address: 1339 Plowman Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75203

Phone: 469-677-0125

9. Contemporary Ballet Dallas

Website: https://www.contemporaryballetdallas.com/ 

Address: Contemporary Ballet Dallas 5400 E. Mockingbird Lane #207 Dallas, TX 75206

Phone:  (214) 821-2066

10. Kitty Carter’s Dance Factory

Website: https://kittycarterdance.com/ 

Address: 9310 Abrams/Forest Shopping Center, Suite 318 Dallas, Texas 75243

Phone: 214-349-7916

11. Ruby Room Studio 

The Ruby Room Studio, Dallas has some of the top instructors in the industry who deliver dance and fitness classes for children and adults.

These proficient instructors offer a uniquely designed program, making learning fun and challenging for all levels. 

Ruby Room offers a variety of dance, yoga, pilates, and even burlesque classes, devised to help you meet your fitness goals while discovering the innate dancer in you.

Website: https://www.rubyroomstudio.com/ 

Address: 839 Exposition Ave Dallas, TX 75226

Phone: 469-444-RUBY

12. Apex Dance and Performing Arts 

Website: https://www.apexdanceclasses.com/ 

Address: Mockingbird Park 5706 E. Mockingbird Ln, Ste 240 Dallas, TX 75206 

Phone: (469) 577-4111

13. Creation Station Dance 

Creation Station Dance

Creation Station Dance conducts fun dance classes for Kids. They have students ranging from 16 months to Teens 16 Months toddlers to 16 Years old.

The academy conducts classes for different dance forms including Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop and more. Creation Station Dance has highly refined classes, devised keeping in mind the realistic and age-appropriate calibre of students. Initially the classes have a consistent pattern.

And in the case of ballet and jazz classes, introduce technical elements for practice), and finally bring everything together for the kids to experience the magic and joy of dancing.

Creation Station Dance has an award-winning and internationally recognized program for kids from 16 months through the age of 6, where they include a beautiful assortment of props, costumes and weekly developmental themes to inspire and engage the children.

The program instructors help children develop and practice social, physical, and gross motor skills in a fun manner. After turning 6 the students move on to the Creation Station Academy (CSA) program. This next level of Creation Station is designed for students who intend to have formal dance training, in a comfortable and non intimidating environment, instead of a competitive atmosphere like in most other dance studios.

In spite of being a fun and friendly place to learn dance, all of the CSA classes are well structured and fairly rigorous for the child dancers who want to go up to the next level.


Address: 6434 E. Mockingbird Lane, Suite 107, Dallas, TX 75214

Phone: (469) 802-6382

14. HOF Dance Center

Website: https://hof-dance-center.business.site/ 

Address: 6189 2553 Valley View Lane Dallas, TX 75234 USA

Phone: (469) 939-3581

15. Preston Center Dance 

Website: https://www.prestoncenterdance.com/ 

Address: 6030 Luther Lane, Suite #170 Dallas, TX 75225

Phone: 214.739.1737

16. Salsabysal Dance Studio of Salsa, Bachata, and Cumbia

Website: https://salsabysal.com/ 

Address:13740 Midway Rd. #710 Dallas, TX 75244

Phone: (877) 797-2572

17. Arabesque Studio of Dance 

Website: http://www.arabesquedance.com/ 

Address: 7989 Beltline Road Suite #176 Dallas, Texas 75248

Phone: 972-233-2532

18. DivaDance North Dallas

Website: https://divadancecompany.com/


Phone:  972-360-8252

19. The Rhythm Room Ballroom Dance Studio

The Rhythm Room Dance Studio in Dallas is home to a genre of dance lessons being conducted for over 15 years.

They are one of the leading dancing schools in Dallas that offer dance classes for Traditional Ballroom, Latin Ballroom, Swing/Lindy Hop and Salsa. With their focus on social dance, they teach dance forms designed to make you look and feel relaxed and comfortable on the dance floor.

You can opt from private dance lessons, group dance classes or a combination of the two and can come by yourself or with a partner. Rhythm Room is one of the finest places to gear up for a special event as they offer dance lessons designed to suit individual or couple’s specific needs.

Website: https://therhythmroomdancestudio.com/ 

Address: 2714 1/2 Greenville Ave.,Dallas, Texas 75206

Phone: (214) 228-4454

20. Power BAR Women’s Fitness Pole Dance and Pole Parties 


Address: 3408 Main Street Dallas, TX 75226 USA            Phone: 214-453-5999

21. Prodigy Dance and Performing Arts Centre

Prodigy Dance and Performing Arts, Frisco, Texas
Prodigy Dance and Performing Arts, Dallas Texas

Prodigy Dance and Performing Arts Centre is an ultra modern Dance Facility located in Frisco, Texas. The 11,000 square feet dance centre that includes 6 large dance rooms, break rooms, a study area, and wireless internet has earned the Top 5 Studios title at the Dance Awards, 2017 in Orlando.

Prodigy has nationally recognized dance instructors who are committed to provide the highest level of dance education available. It offers classes in Ballet, Ballet Pointe,jive, Modern, Jazz, Lyrical, Musical Theatre, Tap, Hip-Hop, Drill, Leaps and Turns, Stretch and Conditioning and Contemporary.  

You can find dance lessons for all levels from beginners to professional for ages two years and above. In the summer, Dance Intensives and Master Classes for the intermediate to the most advanced dancer are conducted.

Prodigy now also offers only boys dance programs which includes Intro to Dance and Hip-Hop lessons.

Things you need to know about JIVE.

22. Ballroom Surge

Ballroom Surge Dance Studios with their unique techniques and proficient instructors is all set to raise the bar in the American dance industry.

They provide highly customized classes for all levels of dance. With the goal to deliver the best for their students, the dance studio remains focused to serve their diverse dance needs. Also, the warm and friendly environment at the dance studio makes for every student to have a pleasant and unique learning experience.

The wide range of classes offered here include Foxtrot, West Coast Swing, Waltz/ Viennese Waltz, American Tango, Rumba, Boleno, Samba, Salsa, Bachatta and many more.

So, if you want to integrate dance to your daily life either for fun or as a hobby, or you are looking at body transformation while learning some amazing dance moves, or want to wipe out social awkwardness and  boost your confidence to gracefully groove at parties and other occasions, then

Ballroom Surge is the place for you to learn the classic dancing.

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