Top 15 USA Dance Competitions: The Ultimate List

If you think you’ve got the love and passion for dance then you should always give it your best shot, explore opportunities to hone your dancing skills, participate and perform before a large audience to share your talent and win accolades in Top US dance competitions.

The dance competitions in the US are widely covered by the media and internet across the globe. With such a wide coverage of dance types like ballroom, latin, European, Afro, Asian and more and performance by the diverse diaspora from around the world, these dance competitions in the USA are considered as some of the most prestigious and best dance competitions in the world.

If you want to stand out and excel as a dancer/ dance troop, this is the ultimate list of the top 15 USA dance competitions.

Welcome to the world of spotlights, smooth jazz, spontaneous foot-tapping beats and mesmerising grace as you showcase your dancing prowess at the US Top 15 Dance competitions.

1. Fusion National Dance Competition

Fusion National Dance Competition

Unleash the dancer’s passion in you at the Fusion National Dance Competition, a unique platform for dancers of all ages and skill levels to bring out the best in them.

Fusion National dance dazzles you with spectacular performances by dancers rendering different dance styles with flawless ease. It is considered as one of the best dancing competitions in the US

Here the judges and faculty are committed to impart an ultimate dance experience both in solo as well as group categories.

But what steals the limelight in the competition is the title competition in which dancers are judged based on solo and impromptu performances.

Here the dancers are given the freedom and platform to showcase their skills.

Interested dancers can participate and try their talents through auditions held in various US cities and international locations. Fusion Dance competition simplifies the dance competition process giving the dancers/judges/faculty and guardians a lifetime experience “where it all comes together.”

2. America’s Got Talent

America’s Got Talent

America’s Got Talent is a popular dance competition telecast on NBC prime created by dance and reality show expert Simon Cowell. The show has successfully completed 16 years of spontaneous entertainment via NBC network and has gained overwhelming response across the globe.

The program attracts a wide range of participants from both USA and abroad who demonstrate their skills in different acts like singing, dancing, comedy, magic, stunts. 

The program gives us an insight into the galaxy of talents who make a debut into this unusual platform of talent scouting by an esteemed line-up of judges like Gabrielle Union, Howie Mandell and Julianne Hough.

The show creates an electrifying entertainment for the audience who come to terms with the latest tropes from the participants who give their whole soul on this unique platform. Participants who are selected progress through every round of the contest based on the votes received from the judges and the public.

The winners bag an attractive cash prize and a chance to perform at Las Vegas strip.

The show has successfully completed 13 seasons, currently running the 14th, charting the career paths for several contestants, spiraling NBC’s ratings with a record 10 million views per season.

3. World of Dance

World of Dance

Right now the one and only dance competition to with rave reviews is NBC premier’s World of Dance produced by famous star performer Jennifer Lopez.

The series presents eclectic dance forms featuring performers from all across the globe either in solo or group performances.

The show is represented by judges Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo and Derek Hough.

The World of dance competition series showcases talented dancers through qualifying rounds held across the nation who enroll via online submissions.

Interested and qualified dancers can represent themselves in the following categories-

  • Junior(groups 1 to 4, under 18)
  • Upper groups 1 to 4, 18 and older)
  • Junior team (groups of 5+, under 18)
  • Upper team (groups of 5 +, 18 and older)

The judges mainly judge the dancers on the basis of five categories each carrying 20 points targeting a perfect score of 100.

These categories are-

  • Performance
  • Technique
  • Creativity
  • Choreography
  • Presentation

The ‘World of Dance’ has successfully entered its 3rd season with tempting prize money of $1 million. The latest winner of the World of dance is Kings United from the city of Mumbai, India from the genre featuring the style Hip Hop. 

4. So You Think You Can Dance

So You Think You Can Dance

If you are looking for a dance competition that’s pushing the boundaries and setting new challenges for the dancers before a nail biting audience then this is it! Welcome to the world of So You Think You Can Dance, a premier dance competition show entertaining the viewers since 2005.

The show airs on Fox channel is produced by American idol fame icons Simon Cowell and Nigel Lythgoe with a record of 20 million viewers during its first season.

The show allows dancers to participate in a wide variety of dance genres who enroll through open auditions held in some of the US cities gradually moving ahead successfully testing their skills to adapt to different dance styles.

Dancers selected at the initial stage move on to the competition’s main phase to test their skills in a diverse selection of dance genres like classical, contemporary, ballroom, Hip Hop, street, club, jazz and musical theater.

Dancers voted based on their performance and popularity coupled with the further analysis from the judges, brings them to the next level of the competition.

The show has received 7 Emmy awards in the category of outstanding choreography.

5. Turn It Up Dance Challenge

Turn It Up Dance Challenge

If you really wanna turn up your passion for dance and want to make it big in the world of dance then join the bandwagon of Turn It Up Dance Challenge. A conventional dance competition for dancers of all ages and levels which launches you in the glitz and glamour of the dancing world.

Turn It Up Dance Challenge brings for its contestants a week full of live excitement through brilliant dance performances.

But what is it that makes Turn It Up Dance Challenge So Special? Turn It Up Dance Challenge Offers 4 levels of competition and a tempting offer to Hollywood’s Industry Dance awards.

TIU hosts events all across USA and each year new locations are added for the participants to enroll themselves easily. TIU also allows you to participate in its annual dance conventions held every year between October to December.

Turn It Up goes an extra mile to make the contestant feel at home with their honorable and committed crew members and judges.

6. America’s Best Dance Crew

America’s Best Dance Crew

ABDC is a popular American television dance series featuring talented dance crews from US and other countries. The show is produced by famous singer, record producer and former American Idol judge Randy Jackson.

The show was born out of an original from NBC called World Moves and was later developed in MTV as America’s Best Dance Crew. AS a part of ABDC dance crews showcase their skills for a whopping $100,000 as gift prize and an attractive golden trophy.

The judges include Hip Hop artiste Li’l Mama, singer JC Chasez and Dominic “D-Trix” Sandoval.

 ABDC has an exclusive crew banner for respective teams with logos featuring its crew members.

The show host Mario Lopez convincingly coordinates the dance crews with the esteemed panel of judges, introducing the status and performances of each crew waiting to proceed to the next round of competition.

7. Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the stars is a popular American series which was first telecast on June 1st 2005 on ABC. The show provides electrifying entertainment to the audience coordinated by its vivacious hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews.

The show’s concept was developed inspired by the original UK series Strictly Come Dancing. Dancing With the stars has its own versions in 17 countries across the globe, making it one of the most rocking shows in the world.

The show is still going strong with 28 seasons in a row, featuring celebrities paired with professional dancers performing on a given theme.

The dancers are scored by a panel of judges and viewers who vote their favorite dancers via telephone or mails. The couples with lowest scores are eliminated and the ones with highest score move to the next round.

Top American Origin dance forms. KNOW MORE

8. American Dance Awards

American Dance Awards

Founded in 1979 American Dance awards has been creating a rich history of talents 40 years in the making, serving as source of inspiration for both the dancers and the teachers. American Dance Awards practices a fair and unique system of database driven score board to evaluate the final results.

ADA’s highly respected panel of judges analyze the minute details of dance forms like structure, balance, grace, finesse, and rhythm before they come to the final conclusion and declare the winner. 

Here the teachers and judges who are more than just critics work with an integrated approach to teach you and prepare you for a world class performance.Each year dancers from all over the world namely, China, Canada, South Africa come together at ADA to create to learn, walk on the path of excellence and create memories of a lifetime. 

ADA holds dance competition for ages 6 and above in the following categories-

  • Solo- single dancer.
  • Duo/trio-2 to 3 dancers.
  • Small group-4 to 8 dancers.
  • Large group- 9 to 17 dancers.

9. Boogie Fever USA

Boogie Fever USA

Step into the world of Boogie Fever USA which has completed its record 14th season. The competition not only hones the skills of an aspiring professional dancers but it also caters to the recreational needs.

Boogie Fever is open to competition for dancers of all age groups and it takes the pride in organizing a fair, honest, exciting and memorable competition.

Boogie Fever USA holds contests in 18 categories and it also organizes Mr. and Miss Dance USA scholarship titles.

Every dancer receives a free photo and video of their performance as a bonus.

The competition has an affordable entry fees, spilt into seven age slots with a rating system designed to encourage the performers.

Boogie Fever truly offers an enriching experience for all its dancers who wish to be recognized for their achievements.

10. The Dance Championships

The Dance Championships

Welcome to the dance industry’s most competitive dance experience gathering dance prodigies from all over USA to watch some breathtaking performances.

Since 1989 The Dance Championships has spearheaded the competitive dance scenario in the Upstate and Western New York area.

Dance Championships offers you the most affordable dance experience in a family friendly environment. It vouches for the best facility and technological backing compared to its peers, be it online registration, advertising or music uploading. Unlike its counterparts, Dance Championships has a nominal entry fees.

DC has set a very high standards for punctuality and it has reserved a set amount of time for each category. This year the Dance Championships are celebrating its 31st anniversary in Tampa Bay, Florida.

11. Dance Showcase USA

Dance Showcase USA

Welcome to the electrifying energy of Dance showcase USA. A unique platform where dancers are groomed into stars. Dance showcase invites participants from all over USA into three categories as per their levels-

  1. Star level-Meant for expert dancers taking more than 5 hours per week.
  2. Diamond level-Meant for intermediate level dancers taking 5 hours or less per week.
  3. Crystal level-Meant for beginners’ level dancers who are yet to master the technical skills of dance. The brilliant faculty at Dance showcase USA places each dancer according to their technical ability, choreography, master class, private class.

This year Dance Showcase USA will be held at Dallas-Texas with a grand cash prize of $25000.

12. Elite Dance Challenge

Elite Dance Challenge

Entering into its 6th season of competition Elite Dance Challenge creates a niche for talented dancers to discover a new identity through the art of dance. Here dancers are allowed to grow and progress at their own pace in a fun filled atmosphere under the tutelage of qualified faculty members. 

Each dancer, choreographer and teacher leaves Elite Dance challenge with wonderful memories of their dance journey and lasting friendships and learn the fine skills as artists to continue to blossom as successful dancers.

Interested candidates must register their names at least 30 days prior to the start of competition.

13. Hall of Fame Dance Challenge

Hall of Fame Dance Challenge

If you seriously wish to enter the Hall of Fame Dance Challenge brigade then get ready to test your dancing chops among a galaxy of dancers.

Here dancers come to participants from different backgrounds and they dazzle the events as spectacular head turners.

Hall of Fame holds the artistic collaboration of dancers, teachers and organizers who second to none in the dance industry.

Hall of fame believes in creating and maintaining a competitive spirit in a fun, personal and family environment.

At Hall of Fame the recipe of success is hardworking and bonding among dancers to give a world class performance.

14. Platinum Dance Challenge

Platinum Dance Challenge

Get ready to showcase your dance moves in a high quality atmosphere under Platinum Dance Challenge. Each participant at Platinum dance comes with expectations and leaves with satisfaction in their hearts.

The dancers, teacher and the parents coming here are blessed with a positive competitive spirit that beacons through their lives thereafter.

Platinum Dance completes the circle of trust and is thoroughly grateful for its dedicated team of performers, teachers and parents.

Into its 13th year if business Platinum Dance Challenge hosts regional and national competition rounds in major US cities.

Platinum Dance strictly adheres to its rule of appropriate costume, music and choreography for family viewing.

15. Universal Ballet Competition

Universal Ballet Competition

Check out your clockwork to ultimate ballet experience through Florida based universal ballet competition. The competition comes alive every year at South Florida where hundreds of dance enthusiasts click their heels on the finest ballet pirouettes before a roaring crowd of dance aficionados.

UBC invites ballet dancers from diverse backgrounds across US and world to pledge for an organized, non-based and professionally run competition.

UBC tests its dancers through an impressive panel of judges and experts invited from prestigious dance schools, with the ability to groom them. It offers scholarships, summer intensive and year round programs to its talented dancers looking forward to a glorious career in ballet.

UBC’s vision is to be recognized as nation’s premier ballet institute blending dancers of multicultural and economic backgrounds into one.

Watch out for all these dance competitions and stay tunes to all the website information if you or your child strives to excel in the world of dance.


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