Gumboot Dance From South Africa: Secret Communication Channel Of Native Miners


Gumboot dance is an African dance form performed using “Wellington gumboots”. This ‘boot’ dance originated in South Africa. It apparently was said to have been created by ‘native miners’. Furthermore, the boots (i.e. gumboots) used in this dance is adorned with a number of bells that create a sound as the performers stamp the ground […]

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GALALA DANCE, NIGERIA: The Ghetto dance of Ajegunale, Lagos

Galala is a very popular dance form in the the ghetto areas in Nigeria. This Galala dance style is said to have been popularised in the 90’s by Daddy Showkey, popular for his pseudo-reggae music. Daddy Showkey is from Ajegunle ghetto in Lagos, Nigeria where this dance originated and he music is also called Ghetto […]

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Indlamu Zulu War Dance

Indlamu Dance is a Zulu War dance which originated in South Africa. Indlamu is a very high spirited and energetic tribal war dance form which come from the Zulu tribe in Africa. It is often performed in festivals and marriage ceremonies. Indlamu dance is usually performed on ‘drum based‘ music and the performers generally wear […]

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ESKISTA DANCE, ETHIOPIA: ‘Dancing Shoulders’ imitating a Snake

Eskista is an African dance renowned for using “intense shoulder movements” is an African dance form known as.  This rather “complex” dance is said to have originated from Ethiopia, a country located in Northeast Africa in a region called the “Horn of Africa”. This dance is essentially known for body movements that include rolling of […]

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CHAKACHA DANCE from Kenya and Tanzania (African Dance)

Chachaka Swahili Dance

Chakacha is an African dance performed mainly by women during auspicious events such as marriages. This traditional dance is to have originated from the coastal region of Kenya and Tanzania, and belongs to a community known as “Swahili”.  Apparently, this dance is also said to be closely linked to a Taarab, yet another African music […]

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