Named after a mountain called “Crn Gora” is a Southeast European dance style known as Crnogorka. This “folk” dance is said to have originated from the Skopje region located in the Republic of Macedonia. Furthermore, this is a group dance performed both by males as well females. In addition, this dance is also performed to a 2/4 rhythm.

A. History/origin of the Crnogorka:

According to the cultural history of Macedonia, this dance style was first created in a region called Skopje in the country in close proximity to a mountain called “Crn Gora”, and hence was aptly named Crnogorka.

B. Costumes used in the Crnogorka:

The costume worn in this dance style varies according to the gender as follows:

1. For males:

The attire worn includes a long dress that includes a trouser/pyjama, an overcoat, a cloth tied around the waist, and a pair of boots.

2. For females:

The attire worn includes a long dress that includes a skirt, an apron, and a headgear.

C. Music involved in the Crnogorka:

The major musical instrument used in this dance style is the gajda i.e. a form of bagpie.

D. Training availability and technique involved in the Crnogorka:

In terms of technique, the performers initially arrange themselves in a half circle. They then dance to the rhythm of the accompanying music using “small and quick” feet movements. In addition, the performer also makes use of a lot of jumps. As for training centers/schools, there are none available around the world since this “folk” dance is mainly performed in Macedonia.

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